Why top companies outsource telecom expense management

When you’re hiring, it’s essential to get your new employees set up with the right equipment and signed up with the myriad of software tools that your business uses to be productive and efficient. As the lifeblood of your company, all these IT assets and licences need to be expertly managed and assigned to the right cost bases so you can monitor and control expenses.

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imei Intelligence: Control the who, what, and which of mobile data and devices

In our hybrid-work world, it’s a critical business requirement to find the right balance between supporting workplace flexibility and having stringent controls in place to ensure corporate data is safe and secure.

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How UEM Simplifies Endpoint Management

With the move to remote and hybrid work opportunities in the wake of the pandemic, enterprise mobility has become to go-to for business continuity. But an untethered workforce using a fleet of powerful and connected data-intensive devices creates an ever-stronger need to maximise endpoint management and minimise security risks.

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5 benefits of leasing mobile technology

When it comes to adopting, managing, and supporting the right mobile technology for a company’s workforce, there’s a big upfront cost and if your organisation manages the devices internally, there’s a considerable job there too.

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Simplify Complex Communication Environments with Converged Communications

Picture this typical converged communications scenario: Your country-wide mobile workforce taps into your mobile network and connects securely to access your corporate data and applications on their managed device. Secure user authorisation prevents security breaches and compliance with best practices in user privacy and data protection is a given.

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