How to reduce complexity in managing communication technology

Do you know who to contact when there’s an issue with network connectivity? How about when you urgently need to decommission a mobile device? Not knowing who to contact is a very common pain point in many businesses.

Topics: Management

Human error Bundeswehr weakest link in mobile security

In a week when a recording of a call between high-ranking officials from Bundeswehr, the German Ministry of Defence, discussing war efforts in Ukraine was intercepted and leaked by Russian media, the security of communication channels on mobile devices has been thrust into the spotlight.

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The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider

In an increasingly digital world, businesses rely on modern telecommunications infrastructure and technology to deliver essential services and remain competitive. This has meant dealing with an ever-expanding collection of complex applications, connected devices and IoT devices. Working with a managed services provider like imei allows organisations to reduce IT spending while improving efficiency and security. 

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Cradlepoint 5G WAN solutions power more pop-up stores

From food trucks to fashion collectives, retail pop-ups are a great way for businesses to test foot traffic potential before investing in a permanent location. As the retail industry continues to evolve, more and more pop-up stores are now making the most of 5G WAN solutions to create exciting experiences to engage customers in new locations.

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