23 years of proven experience delivering enterprise grade Mobility, EMM, UC, UCaaS, TIPT, Teams Calling, SD-WAN, and SASE


Another trip around the sun and we’re celebrating our 23rd birthday. Since our inception in 2000, working alongside our strategic partners, we’ve evolved from a mobile phone service and support startup into a whole-of-business communications technology provider.

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Enabling Calling to Mobiles and Landlines From Teams

Rewind the clock just a few short years and the office desk phone was an essential part of the work communication experience. Before mobile phones were commonplace and when making calls on them was expensive, the office desk phone was the primary way to talk with colleagues and clients.

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Flex for Changing Needs with Adaptive Network Connectivity

In an increasingly digital and remote work world where you need to keep your staff securely connected wherever they are, slow speeds, variable internet connectivity, and suboptimal network security can stymie productivity and business success. Having to deal with slow network speeds and downtime can also sow the seeds of employee frustration, leading to low morale and ultimately higher staff turnover and less than ideal customer experiences.

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Eliminate Glitchy Communications Systems Using A UCaaS Solution

In most organisations, the days of relying on location-based phones and siloed enterprise communication tools from multiple providers are long gone. As we transition to a post-pandemic world, it’s all about ease of information sharing, video meetings for the entire team, and an always-on helpdesk.

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Dubber addresses challenges of mobility in hybrid workplaces and local councils

We work closely with Dubber for unified call recording cloud based services directly from the Telstra network, allowing you to record calls from fixed lines, mobiles, and IP connections.

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