imei BRISBANE team retains the crown


Brisbane wins by 1 in a nail-biting finish

November 23rd, Dorrington Park, Brisbane

Brisbane locals were treated with perfect Queensland weather for a day at the Polo in the City watching imei BRISBANE take on HAWAII for the 2nd game of the Urban Challenge series.

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Happy 19th Anniversary imei!

imei turns 19 years old today – what a journey… 

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imei SYDNEY team wins Polo in the City Urban Challenge!

Exciting game ends 6-1 to Sydney vs. a valiant Hawaii team

November 16th, Centennial Park, Sydney


On a perfect mid-spring day, a crowd of approximately 2,000 spectators were at the Polo in the City Urban Challenge to enjoy the main Pro event between imei SYDNEY and Hawaiian Airlines HAWAII team.

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ISDN Decommission: Aussie businesses now at risk of comms blackout

It’s been a long time coming, but in just a few short months, the ISDN will be switched off. With the clock seriously ticking, time’s running out for businesses to make the most advantageous migration plans. For any business failing to migrate, the stark reality of the ISDN decommission will be a complete communication blackout.

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