#MWC19 – Day 2: what will 5G bring us?


We’ve all heard that the coming 5G networks promise low latency – as low as 1 ms – and very fast speeds up to and possibly over 1Gbps, as well as the increased capacity to carry many more simultaneous users.

Overall a massive net improvement in performance, but how can this be used?

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Mobile World Congress – Day 1 it’s all about Intelligent Connectivity

imei is attending Mobile World Congress – MWC19 – in Barcelona to get the latest developments in mobile technologies and ecosystems directly from the world’s biggest mobile conference, where the talk of the conference is all about 5G.

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We’re off to Mobile World Congress to explore the hottest topics influencing the industry

With February upon us, we’re just days away from touching down in Spain for MWC19 - Mobile World Congress - Barcelona, which runs from 25-28 February.

As the world’s largest mobile event, MWC19 is the place to see all the latest mobile innovations and leading-edge technology. With more than 107,000 professionals from over 200 countries representing a wide range of industry sectors expected to be in attendance this year, this event will be even bigger than ever.

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What we learnt from SailGP Sydney

Much has been said about sailing being a perfect metaphor for business. Both share critical elements which include speed, tactics, strategy, and timing. And of course, the operating conditions are constantly changing. In sailing you have the wind and the weather. In business, it’s the economic landscape and regulatory environment.

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Getting ready for the inaugural SailGP Sydney

As part of imei’s customer and partner sailing event series, we’re clearing the decks to make a big splash at our first event of 2019 – the inaugural SailGP Sydney. Backed by technology and America’s Cup legends, Russell Coutts and Larry Ellison, this is sailing redefined.

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Firms still lacking in mobile data security

It’s no secret that mobile users are more likely to fall victim of phishing scams than users on desktop. That’s because most people have their mobile phones on them just about all the time, and are less likely to scrutinize messages sent through text or social media. Somehow, people are not as suspicious of short texts as they are of emails, and can be more ambivalent about mobile data security.

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