Improving Aged Care with Mobile Devices

The aged care industry has been careful in adopting technology-based solutions, citing fears about the technology usage, complexity, reliability, support and the ‘dangers of the internet’. However, these concerns and debates around disruptive business models have tended to overlook the improved outcomes technology can deliver for aged care, such as better self-direction for aged Australians accessing care services.

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What are app leaks and how do I know if my apps are leaking?


As mobile security, data protection and privacy have become hot topics, one area of increasing focus is mobile app security and app data leakage. imei partners with best-in-class mobile security technology providers such as Wandera, who provide some valuable insight in this blog post.

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Designing Your Office for Collaboration

Collaboration is one way to boost productivity in the office. However, successful implementation consists of more than just putting a group of people together in the same room.

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