Dubber addresses challenges of mobility in hybrid workplaces and local councils

We work closely with Dubber for unified call recording cloud based services directly from the Telstra network, allowing you to record calls from fixed lines, mobiles, and IP connections.

Topics: Unified Communications

Why Phishing Attacks Are Hooking Even The Digitally Savvy

These days, see a call from an unknown number and you typically just let it go to voice mail. If it’s important, the caller will leave a message, right? With text messages though, while you may feel confident that you can spot a pesky road toll text scam from a very long distance, phishing scams by text are becoming ever more sophisticated and trickier to identify.

Topics: Security

3G Shutdown is Coming – Act Now to Prevent Business Disruption

It’s been a long time coming, but as the sunsetting of Australia’s 3G coverage inches ever closer to the horizon, it’s important to take practical steps to smooth the transition to new network connectivity in your organisation. If you want to prevent business disruption and negative customer experiences, planning now is essential.

Topics: Connectivity Network 5G

What do ESG and SD-WAN have in common?

The simple answer is more than you think! As environment, social, and governance, or ESG reporting becomes a significant agenda item, a growing number of businesses are taking steps to ensure their ESG performance compares favourably to industry peers.

Topics: Network CSR