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How UEM Simplifies Endpoint Management

With the move to remote and hybrid work opportunities in the wake of the pandemic, enterprise mobility has become to go-to for business continuity. But an untethered workforce using a fleet of powerful and connected data-intensive devices creates an ever-stronger need to maximise endpoint management and minimise security risks.

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Hybrid Work Models with Office Hubs Key to Talent Retention

Towards the end of last year, many business leaders were looking to the New Year as a time for the resetting of the corporate agenda and a gradual return to a working life that resembled pre-pandemic times. Of course, the rapid rise and takeover of the Omicron variant put an end to any such thoughts, with infections and case numbers surging to an all-time high across Australia.

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March 31 is World Backup Day for All Businesses

In our always-on world, where data is king, the constant emergence of cyberthreats such as ransomware means a data backup strategy should be a central part of your modus operandi. But it’s not just preparedness to protect your corporate data from cybercrime, data backups ready your business to handle most threats to business continuity. For example, take the recent (and ongoing) natural disasters such as the flooding that continues to wreak havoc in businesses in Queensland and New South Wales or the bushfires that present an ongoing threat every summer.

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Boost Telecom Services While Cutting Costs with TEM

It’s hard to overstate the importance of well-managed IT and telecom services to the ongoing success of any enterprise. Everything from your internet connection to mobile phones and landlines, PBX networks, to security systems and cameras, play a vital role in linking your organisation to your customers and partners, and your staff to each other.

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De-risk Telco Projects with an imei Project Manager

As companies race to decentralise data centre-based architecture and replace legacy MPLS technology with more affordable broadband bandwidth, it’s important not to underestimate the complexity of such an undertaking. Any significant telecommunications systems upgrade, or greenfield implementation is inherently complex with many stakeholders involved.

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