Mobile Fleet Refresh – Setting Up and Distributing New Company Smartphones

To give employees an out-of-box startup experience with all passcodes and zero-trust access policies in place, there is much to do when your organisation takes possession of your new fleet of mobile devices before you can distribute them to your team.

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Embrace The Transformative Potential of AI

Such is the complexity of natural human language, it took the loveable eco-friendly but rusty droid character WALL-E more than 700 years on this planet to develop intelligible human language. That’s because there’s unstructured data to contend with as well as formal rules that have too many exceptions (I’m looking at you I before E expect before C). Ripe with nuances, real-world context, and sometimes unfortunate double meanings, natural human language has been near impossible for computers to understand and mimic in a way that truly makes sense.

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Managing Company Phones Where Personal Info and Work Co-exists

Attractive working conditions with the flexibility to work outside the office is a major drawcard for boosting employee engagement and attracting new talent. With the shift to hybrid working patterns, keeping employees securely connected to company applications and data while they work from home, in a café, or on the go, is now part of the many and complicated challenges tasked to the IT team. When your organisation embraces workplace flexibility it’s essential to adopt powerful security controls to go with it.

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imei Customer Service Saving the Day on Sydney Harbour

For many corporate executives with a passion for sailing, is there any better place to reside than in Sydney? How can you beat setting sail on the magnificent harbour with the stunning backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House?

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