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What we learnt from SailGP Sydney

Much has been said about sailing being a perfect metaphor for business. Both share critical elements which include speed, tactics, strategy, and timing. And of course, the operating conditions are constantly changing. In sailing you have the wind and the weather. In business, it’s the economic landscape and regulatory environment.

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Miss Scarlet sealed a second place in new endurance race

Last week, Miss Scarlet, imei’s stunning 52-foot ocean racing yacht raced 350 nautical miles in the clear blue waters of the Hauraki Gulf off Auckland in New Zealand as part of the inaugural Akarana 350.

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A glorious day at the polo


Polo may be the sport of kings, but for imei, last Saturday, we became the kings of polo when we sponsored team imei Sydney at the prestigious Polo In The City.

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Committed to client satisfaction


We ask for customer feedback at every touchpoint and continue our drive to improve on our NPS score of +80.

As a service organisation, part of our client-driven culture is being committed to constantly improving the client experience. That’s why we’ve always been big believers in NPS – the Net Promoter Score. For imei, it’s a simple but powerful tool to measure ongoing client satisfaction.

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Why supporting Fighting Chance is so important to imei

As proud supporters of Fighting Chance, we thoroughly enjoyed attending the annual fundraising dinner last Saturday night. Of course, it’s a great night out for our team, but much more than that, it’s an important opportunity to reflect on what this organisation has achieved over the year, and to think about what more we can do.

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