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Streamline Operations with Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobility is key to being competitive and productive in today’s world. Staff expect flexibility, with the ability to manage core business tasks while working remotely. When employees number in the hundreds or thousands, the overhead of managing mobility can be significant.

Topics: Management Lifecycle

Older 4G devices impacted by 3G shutdown

In our 4G and 5G world, 3G can sound terribly old school, meaning you may not have paid much attention its imminent shutdown. Telstra has been warning the market for five long years that this day is coming. Make no mistake, the 3G network will disappear. Telstra has extended the closure of their 3G network by two months, now scheduled to cease on 31 August 2024.

Topics: Connectivity Network 5G

Securing enterprise mobility during an M&A

Whenever a company undertakes a merger or is absorbed into another organisation, consolidating two businesses as part of a Merger and Aquisition (M&A) often means combining conflicting IT assets such as mobile devices. Firstly, there’s the mobile operating system to consider as one company may have invested in Android while the other adopted iOS. And what if the acquired company is using older, out-of-support mobile devices? 

Topics: Management Lifecycle

Human error Bundeswehr weakest link in mobile security

In a week when a recording of a call between high-ranking officials from Bundeswehr, the German Ministry of Defence, discussing war efforts in Ukraine was intercepted and leaked by Russian media, the security of communication channels on mobile devices has been thrust into the spotlight.

Topics: Security

imei 16ft skiff racing: Top-10 finish despite significant setbacks

As we draw deeper into the summer months and the humidity in Sydney climbs to epic levels our sponsorship of what has proven to be a tricky 2023/24 16ft skiff racing season is all too quickly drawing past the finishing line.

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