Handling mobile phone mishaps with managed mobility

If you manage a fleet of smartphones for your company, we’re sure you’re very familiar with handling a slew of mobile phone mishaps. From an employee inadvertently taking their mobile device for a swim to another having their pet dog chew it up, there are many random things that happen to mobile devices

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Securing enterprise mobility during an M&A

Whenever a company undertakes a merger or is absorbed into another organisation, consolidating two businesses as part of a Merger and Aquisition (M&A) often means combining conflicting IT assets such as mobile devices. Firstly, there’s the mobile operating system to consider as one company may have invested in Android while the other adopted iOS. And what if the acquired company is using older, out-of-support mobile devices? 

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How to reduce complexity in managing communication technology

Do you know who to contact when there’s an issue with network connectivity? How about when you urgently need to decommission a mobile device? Not knowing who to contact is a very common pain point in many businesses.

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The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider

In an increasingly digital world, businesses rely on modern telecommunications infrastructure and technology to deliver essential services and remain competitive. This has meant dealing with an ever-expanding collection of complex applications, connected devices and IoT devices. Working with a managed services provider like imei allows organisations to reduce IT spending while improving efficiency and security. 

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How to ease comms technology pain points in one smart move

Enterprise mobility is a vital component of any successful business, underpinning how employees, customers, and suppliers connect, collaborate, and operate in a digital world. But the benefits of greater flexibility, mobility, efficiency, and productivity can come with ever-escalating costs. This is an increasingly sensitive pain point for technology and finance leaders who must find new ways to adopt new technology while reducing CapEx spending.

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