Optimise Mobile Fleet Management After Your Mobile Device Refresh

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For optimal mobile fleet management after your rollout of new mobile devices, it’s important to have a dedicated team to provide user help and support. It’s also essential to employ a framework of tools for mobility administration to give you control of the business-related applications and data living on employees devices as well as managing the devices.  


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management helps you monitor, manage, and secure your employees’ mobile devices and ensure they use their devices within your strict policy guidelines. This tool simplifies managing mobile devices, even when your company’s devices are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and various mobile operating systems. 


Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Working in concert with MDM, Mobile Application Management allows your IT team to remotely manage the applications on a mobile device, including remotely deleting a particular app and the data associated with it or configuring security policies to a particular app. 

You use MAM to install new apps, update existing apps, and manage licenses. MAM functionality supports BYOD models where your people use a single device for their personal and work-related use so you can manage applications without sacrificing users’ privacy. This means that you can impose rules and regulations for work-related apps while allowing free rein of the others.


imei Managed Services


Outsourcing MDM and MAM

To liberate your team from handling the administration of mobile devices, imei offers MDM and MAM as a managed service. We enrol the new devices in the enterprise mobility management software, setting up and configuring the devices remotely without unpacking them from their boxes.

We configure settings and rules on the new company-owned devices and help you use these tools to deploy apps directly to employee devices and authenticate them. And with dashboards to track and remotely control devices and apps across Android, iOS, and Windows, you can confidently secure, monitor and manage all company data on mobile devices. 


Optimal helpdesk support for your mobile fleet 

When it comes to supporting the users of your new mobile fleet, imei offers helpdesk services delivered through a dedicated Australia-based contact centre in northern Sydney. So, whether it’s about replacing a broken phone, a request for an app to be added to your approved list, or even help with phone settings, our helpdesk services provide dedicated support. Staffed with knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate customer support experts, our helpdesk services are available when you need them, freeing up your resources for other company initiatives.
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