March 31 is World Backup Day for All Businesses

In our always-on world, where data is king, the constant emergence of cyberthreats such as ransomware means a data backup strategy should be a central part of your modus operandi. But it’s not just preparedness to protect your corporate data from cybercrime, data backups ready your business to handle most threats to business continuity. For example, take the recent (and ongoing) natural disasters such as the flooding that continues to wreak havoc in businesses in Queensland and New South Wales or the bushfires that present an ongoing threat every summer.

Topics: Security

Mobile a Key Enabler of Unified Communication and Collaboration

Fluid communication and collaboration are central to any thriving business and are essential elements of positive workplace culture. Fostering strong communications in the workplace helps employees build positive relationships with co-workers which in turn raises job satisfaction and ultimately employee retention.

Topics: Unified Communications Connectivity

What is Device Lifecycle Management and Why It’s a Smart Option for Managing Costs and Data Security?

With the continuing shift to remote work and the adoption of the hybrid work model by a great many companies, supporting end-user devices including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones that are permanently away from the traditional workplace hub has become a priority issue. This makes device lifecycle management more important than ever.

Topics: Lifecycle

Boost Telecom Services While Cutting Costs with TEM

It’s hard to overstate the importance of well-managed IT and telecom services to the ongoing success of any enterprise. Everything from your internet connection to mobile phones and landlines, PBX networks, to security systems and cameras, play a vital role in linking your organisation to your customers and partners, and your staff to each other.

Topics: Telecom Expense Management

End of ISDN: Businesses still at risk

For any business failing to migrate off copper services by 31 May 2022, the stark reality of the ISDN decommission will be a complete communication blackout.

Topics: Management Unified Communications Connectivity

Why Companies are Planning for Hybrid Office Hubs

As Australia eases restrictions and reopens its borders to fully vaccinated visa holders, the return of tourists and business travellers signals the start of a return to pre-pandemic times.

However, for companies across the country, the reopening of borders does not herald the return to traditional office-based norms.

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