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It’s hard to overstate the importance of well-managed IT and telecom services to the ongoing success of any enterprise. Everything from your internet connection to mobile phones and landlines, PBX networks, to security systems and cameras, play a vital role in linking your organisation to your customers and partners, and your staff to each other.

With the need for services ballooning and costs escalating, it’s important to closely monitor telecom services and charges as these fast-growing expenses can quickly get out of hand. That’s why it makes sense to maximise the efficiency of your network services with Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Yet as telecom expense management services are sometimes perceived as costly, companies tend to manage these expenses inhouse which is often a false saving as this work is incredibly time consuming and resource heavy.


Checking bills resolving on errors

When typical bills are made up of pages and pages of indecipherable line items, it takes a significant amount of time to check everything against the contract terms to determine the accuracy of the charges. Inhouse resources end up spending more and more of their time unravelling the complexity as they try to identify who used what service and when. And while typical usage needs always change over time, maximising the value from rate structures requires significant experience. As your organisation grows so does the complexity of telecom expenses.

Rather than have the inhouse team consumed checking bills and resolving errors, more companies are seeing the value of adopting Telecom Expense Management. Delivered as a service TEM manages the expenses associated with the company’s mobile, wireless and wireline, data infrastructure, and management of IT.


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Telecom Expense Management Consulting

Working with imei, our Telecom Expense Management service saves your people valuable time and the business money while strengthening your inventory controls. Using our TEM service, organisations generally save between 5-10% on labour efficiencies alone.

imei’s TEM fully managed service starts with a comprehensive telecom expense audit to throw the spotlight on your current charges and service usage. With this insight, we then help you to tightly manage your routine and non-critical telecom-related tasks while allowing you to reassign your people on to more value-creating tasks.

Our full-service solution delivers full visibility into all telecoms-related costs and takes care of invoice processing, inventory management, resolving bill disputes with carriers and offers, providing value to enterprises in the form of:

  • Direct and indirect cost savings
  • Efficient invoice processing, auditing, and dispute resolution
  • Strong corporate governance and policy enforcement
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Enhanced security

In terms of the direct cost savings, our TEM solution helps reduce telecom costs through:

  • Detection and resolution of billing discrepancies
  • Identification and removal of mobile devices no longer in use from the inventory
  • Alignment of mobile plans with usage profiles
  • SLA services monitoring and recovery of applicable SLA credits
  • Identification of unused software licensing


Consuming more telecom services while reducing costs

With imei’s fully managed TEM solution, you’ll be working with experienced and knowledgeable telecom expense professionals to manage your telecom expenses. Our work aims to generate savings on voice, data, and mobile services, as well as device hardware, licensing, and infrastructure by identifying billing errors and help you to recover funds and credits for overcharges.


To find out more, please get in touch or download our whitepaper, “Making the Right Call on Telecom Expense Management”.

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