Managed Services: Prioritising ESG Considerations

With employee and customer expectations to work for or buy from a company that is run in a fair and equitable manner sky high, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting has become an essential business performance metric.

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What do ESG and SD-WAN have in common?

The simple answer is more than you think! As environment, social, and governance, or ESG reporting becomes a significant agenda item, a growing number of businesses are taking steps to ensure their ESG performance compares favourably to industry peers.

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Harding Miller Education Foundation scholarship recipient

As you may know, one of imei’s major CSR initiatives involves supporting the Harding Miller Education Foundation. This incredibly worthy cause, which was established by Kim Harding and Irene Miller, provides scholarships to Australian girls who have high academic potential but are deemed as disadvantaged. These scholarships have led to a shift in the way these students view themselves and their prospects for the future.

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2 major reasons why we support the Harding Miller Education Foundation


At imei, we take corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. And knowing actions speak so much louder than words, we were delighted to welcome Marisa Chilcott to our office recently to bring us up to date with one of imei’s major CSR initiatives and how we support the Harding Miller Education Foundation.

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