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Handling mobile phone mishaps with managed mobility

If you manage a fleet of smartphones for your company, we’re sure you’re very familiar with handling a slew of mobile phone mishaps. From an employee inadvertently taking their mobile device for a swim to another having their pet dog chew it up, there are many random things that happen to mobile devices

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The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider

In an increasingly digital world, businesses rely on modern telecommunications infrastructure and technology to deliver essential services and remain competitive. This has meant dealing with an ever-expanding collection of complex applications, connected devices and IoT devices. Working with a managed services provider like imei allows organisations to reduce IT spending while improving efficiency and security. 

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Maximising Value from Data with Telecom Expense Management

In companies across the country, the need to leverage data is as much of an urgent IT priority as security best practices and risk management. To get true value out of data, it’s important to take advantage of the right tools to help everyone in the business maximise data insights.

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imei’s Mandate for Telecoms Managed Services

These days, having the right managed services partner for your comms network counts as calculated competitive advantage. It’s a far cry from the old notion of “one throat to choke”. This unfortunate term was used extensively across the telecoms sector and in industry parlance described a single point of contact to blame when things go wrong. But as outsourcing IT and telecoms management has become a strategic imperative, it’s decidedly old school to think of your telecommunications managed services provider in this way.

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Managed Services: Prioritising ESG Considerations

With employee and customer expectations to work for or buy from a company that is run in a fair and equitable manner sky high, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting has become an essential business performance metric.

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