The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider

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In an increasingly digital world, businesses rely on modern telecommunications infrastructure and technology to deliver essential services and remain competitive. This has meant dealing with an ever-expanding collection of complex applications, connected devices and IoT devices. Working with a managed services provider like imei allows organisations to reduce IT spending while improving efficiency and security. 

Rather than investing significant amounts of capital in building and maintaining technology infrastructure and capability, you can outsource your infrastructure, software and technical support services. The key is in choosing the right provider with the resources and expertise to maintain and optimise your apps, devices and networks for you. 


What to Look for in Managed Service Providers

Managed services are designed to reduce costs and ensure your network operates at optimal levels. Look for provider that offers continuous and dedicated services, including:

  • 24/7 technical support and helpdesk services for users
  • Minimising downtime by storing critical data off-site on the cloud
  • Improve efficiency and security by adapting network resources
  • Eliminate disruption with tools and features that prevent network issues
  • Manage hardware and system updates for a set monthly fee
  • Keep your network, devices and infrastructure operating to agreed standards.

Managed service providers should be a source of comprehensive knowledge and experience across all your required applications. This ensures you have the right expertise available to you, reducing the cost of research, training and upskilling required when resolving problems or implementing new solutions. 


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Benefit from Up-to-Date Technology

Businesses today must often manage a wide range of operating system updates along with new apps, software, features and devices entering the market. Many organisations lack the time and resources to manage the growth of their communications and IT requirements. Managed service providers can help stay on top of the complexity and rapid rate of updates required to maximise efficiency and security. 


Control Your Costs

If your organisation has hundreds of mobile devices in the hands of your staff, keeping track of costs quickly gets complicated. Managed service providers help you keep track of where your devices are, who is using them, whether they are working and connected, and what it’s all costing your business. 

Look for a team that can take the pain out of buying, running and maintaining your devices and networks with useful insights along with tools that help you control costs, minimise risk and set better policies and systems.


Secure Sensitive Information and Data

More employees with more mobile devices improve productivity for your business but create security challenges. With cybersecurity threats and data breaches increasing in frequency, securing mobile devices is essential to prevent confidential information getting compromised because a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen. 

Organisations must also manage the threat of unauthorised devices connecting to company servers. Look for a managed service provider with the experience, resources and tools to effectively manage and secure your fleet of mobile devices while enhancing the overall security of your network. This includes proactively managing cybersecurity threats, managing user permissions and securing data on devices.


Reduce Complexity With Managed Services from imei

imei is a managed services provider with extensive experience securing thousands of mobile devices, ensuring they’re up-to-date and working efficiently while strengthening your overall network security posture. Contact us today to learn more.


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