How human errors expose mobile security risks

In our increasingly interconnected world, cyberthreats continue to evolve at a rapid rate. This past weekend’s global outage of PC systems created havoc in transport, retail, banking and many other sectors, and was a major wakeup call.

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MTM adds a new security layer to safeguard data on mobile devices

As scammers become bolder and increasingly sophisticated in both the technology and tactics they use, Australians reported losses of $2.74 billion to scams in 2023 according to the latest Targeting Scams report. With ever-increasing mobile device usage, mobile devices have become easier prey for cybercriminals wanting to scam Australians, making mobile threat management a new priority.

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imei and Mitel: Resilience for when communication services cannot fail

With wild weather continuing to wreak havoc on Australia’s communications infrastructure, enterprises need to mitigate risk by prioritising reliability and 99.9999% availability for when disaster strikes. In any company, the longer you go without access to your data and business systems, the greater the financial implications. That’s why a robust unified communication and collaboration solution that provides built-in redundancy and rich functionality is crucial to making business communications more efficient and resilient.

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Get mobile fleet management sorted with Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

Mishandling the configuration of mobile devices or setting up incorrect access privileges can end up undermining the security of your company. Then when there’s a lack of visibility into IT inventory, unpatched and unused devices sitting in drawers all add to the escalating costs.

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Certifications and qualifications needed for enterprise mobility management

Mobile technology is a vital component of every fast-paced corporate environment, where it provides the foundation for flexibility, mobility, efficiency, and productivity. As mobile phones and devices have become the major means of communication at work, managing enterprise mobility and mobile data security can be a significant challenge for any IT department.

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