LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions expand Vivid Sydney experience

With Vivid Sydney just around the corner, the city’s annual celebration of creativity, innovation, and technology is set to transform Sydney after dark for 23 days and nights. From Friday 24 May to Saturday 15 June, the city will sparkle at night with immersive art installations and 3D light projections infused with live music and fabulous dining experiences.  

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Industry 4.0 growth driving demand for PCNs and private LTE

With the Industry 4.0 juggernaut gathering speed, companies are embedding more and more smart and connected technologies into advanced production and operational processes. As the number of sensors soars, we’ll see the full automation of the manufacturing process, complete with real-time analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) enabling decision-making on the manufacturing line.

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Older 4G devices impacted by 3G shutdown

In our 4G and 5G world, 3G can sound terribly old school, meaning you may not have paid much attention its imminent shutdown. Telstra has been warning the market for five long years that this day is coming. Make no mistake, the 3G network will disappear. Telstra has extended the closure of their 3G network by two months, now scheduled to cease on 31 August 2024.

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Handling mobile phone mishaps with managed mobility

If you manage a fleet of smartphones for your company, we’re sure you’re very familiar with handling a slew of mobile phone mishaps. From an employee inadvertently taking their mobile device for a swim to another having their pet dog chew it up, there are many random things that happen to mobile devices

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Unlocking the Power of Mobile Device Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right mobile solutions for your organisation is key to ensuring efficiency, productivity and security. With a range of mobile devices and fleet solutions available, finding the right solution is key to reducing costs and maximising business opportunities. imei specialises in helping organisations unlock the power of mobile intelligence, ensuring valuable insights are extracted from unified data.

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