Managed Mobility Simplifies Removing TikTok From Your Mobile Fleet

When the federal government announced it was banning TikTok on government devices, it joined nations around the world prohibiting the use of the app amid privacy and cybersecurity concerns. The rationale is based on security fears and the potential for foreign interference by China.

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Eliminate Glitchy Communications Systems Using A UCaaS Solution

In most organisations, the days of relying on location-based phones and siloed enterprise communication tools from multiple providers are long gone. As we transition to a post-pandemic world, it’s all about ease of information sharing, video meetings for the entire team, and an always-on helpdesk.

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Committed to client satisfaction


We ask for customer feedback at every touchpoint and continue our drive to improve on our NPS score of +81.

As a service organisation, part of our client-driven culture is being committed to constantly improving the client experience. That’s why we’ve always been big believers in NPS – the Net Promoter Score. For imei, it’s a simple but powerful tool to measure ongoing client satisfaction.


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Beam me up, Scotty! Science Fiction a Fact in Record Time

If you were around in 2002 to see Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report when it was released at the cinema, you were probably really impressed with and more than a little jealous of the technology Tom Cruise’s character uses. What’s not to love about the wall-sized computer screens he expertly swipes and zooms through simply by waving his hands?

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Get Faster 4G and 5G Speeds with Adaptive Mobility Accelerator

Do you need faster data speeds during high bandwidth work activities and high network traffic conditions? As next-generation applications and devices consume increased bandwidth, your bandwidth connection needs to keep up with your fast-changing needs.

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