Eliminate Glitchy Communications Systems Using A UCaaS Solution

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In most organisations, the days of relying on location-based phones and siloed enterprise communication tools from multiple providers are long gone. As we transition to a post-pandemic world, it’s all about ease of information sharing, video meetings for the entire team, and an always-on helpdesk. With data security and compliance critical, the key to unlocking this level of smooth efficiency requires a secure and compliant communication technology platform.

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) allows you to expand your company’s telephony capabilities and streamline modern communication processes via the cloud while laying strong foundations for endpoint security. Making all communication services available to your people in one place, Unified Communication solutions are designed to increase visibility and underpin connectivity for consistent and positive user experiences. 

Offering telephony options, from instant messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, screen sharing, and video conferencing features from one location, your employees can perform as well from virtually any location as they can in the office.  

When integrated with Microsoft’s 365 software and other business communication apps, UC helps streamline productivity and work efficiency with simplified document sharing, video recording and transcripts. This also makes it a piece of cake to pick up emails and messages, anywhere, at any time. And hosted telephony that operates through a cloud service allows you to take your customers’ calls anywhere. 


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Security and Compliance 

The more communication services you use, the more data you need to process, store, secure, and share with other apps. Moving to a Unified Communications solution allows you to minimise the risk of having to share sensitive data and documents on various systems. Instead, with a centralised communication platform integrating with your existing applications, you have a secure operational framework. And as Unified Communications solutions use a cloud-based storage system, all data is stored off-site, in compliance with stringent security standards.

When making the move to adopt Unified Communications, it often makes sense to outsource to a managed service provider like imei to control costs and ease management. Giving you access to enterprise-level tools and support, we shape our solutions to suit your organisation’s unique needs and goals. By switching to our UC delivered as a service also allows you to take advantage of an OpEx operating model, giving you greater financial and operational flexibility, helping you take advantage of controlled costs and simplified management.

In addition, a managed solution means no hardware maintenance, confidence that all licensing, updates, and patches are managed in a timely manner.

When you partner with the team at imei to deliver your communication and collaboration vision, we will create the solution to meet the needs of your people, organisation, and infrastructure. With access to a suite of hosted voice and UC services from major technology providers packaged into a single, cloud-delivered managed service, you’ll be able to mitigate risk from using disparate communication tools.

With 2023 already racing towards the end of the first quarter, make this a time to eliminate glitchy communication infrastructure in your company. Get and take advantage of smooth and professional communication infrastructure everyone in your organisation can use to get work done.


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