Simplify Complex Communication Environments with Converged Communications

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Picture this typical converged communications scenario: Your country-wide mobile workforce taps into your mobile network and connects securely to access your corporate data and applications on their managed device. Secure user authorisation prevents security breaches and compliance with best practices in user privacy and data protection is a given.

Meanwhile, your offices are connected by a private managed WAN network running across a cost-effective high-speed fibre connection and all your mobile workers are assigned with a universal contact number that follows them wherever they go. This means customers, co-workers, and partners can contact them using just one number whether they’re in the office, using a softphone on their laptop, or a mobile communication app on their mobile phone.


And when a mobile worker enters any of your organisation’s locations, their devices automatically connect to your high-performance Wi-Fi, authenticating the user and their permissions. By providing continued secure access to your company’s systems and data, your people continue working productively without missing a beat.


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Enhanced visibility

Elsewhere, your IT department has a clear understanding of network traffic, usage, access, and takes a preventative approach to resolve issues. While your finance department has visibility across communication costs, with predictable operating costs making budgeting and financial planning easier and allowing costs to be allocated to teams, geographies, clients, departments, or projects as per your organisation’s needs.

Now consider your own environment. If things don’t quite measure up or work as smoothly in your office, then it’s worth considering the value of adopting converged communications.

Setting up a converged communications environment gives you the potential to get more out of your technology investment. Bringing together telephone, video, and data communications within a single network, converged communications simplifies infrastructure complexity and makes it easier to connect devices directly to the network. Converged communications also supports new ways of serving customers and connecting locations.

From a management perspective, you’ll have one network with systems that work together seamlessly which inevitably reduces the maintenance effort. It also mitigates the risks inherent in securing networks, devices, and users by automating policy compliance and enforcement and by increasing visibility across devices, networks, and users.


Convenience and flexibility

By consolidating and managing your voice, video, and internet communications on one network, you’ll reduce infrastructure costs, while taking advantage of VOIP calls over a managed internet service, reduces your telephony costs. And as it’s far easier to add and move IP phones than traditional phones, converged communications also minimises your team’s traditional workload.


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If you like the sound of what converged communications can deliver to your organisation, make sure you get in touch with imei. We design, deploy, and manage enterprise communications solutions that enhance how you support your people to stay connected and work together, wherever they are.

Our proven converged communications design and implementation experience has the potential to result in significant operational efficiencies for your company. To find out more, please get in touch, or continue reading our blogs.

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