Get Faster 4G and 5G Speeds with Adaptive Mobility Accelerator

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Do you need faster data speeds during high bandwidth work activities and high network traffic conditions? As next-generation applications and devices consume increased bandwidth, your bandwidth connection needs to keep up with your fast-changing needs.

Telstra’s Adaptive Mobility Accelerator from imei optimises your data speed, providing a speed uplift on Telstra’s 4G and 5G networks when using a shared monthly data allowance. Available as an add-on for eligible Adaptive Mobility handheld and mobile broadband plans, the service removes speed caps on relevant Adaptive Mobility plans where applicable.


Faster download speeds 

The add-on is designed to give you faster typical download speeds when performing heavy bandwidth tasks during high 4G/5G network traffic compared to the speeds you would experience in similar conditions and doing similar activities without it. 

For example, it allows you to collaborate in near real time with typically faster download speeds providing a better video conferencing experience when you’re mobile or multi-tasking on data intensive applications. Compared to standard mobility plans, the add-on provides a typical download speed uplift ranging from 15% to 100% during times of medium to high 4G/5G network traffic conditions.

The add-on comes with access to a dashboard providing at-a-glance views of how your active daily average speed compares to the experience without it.


Try it without charge

To experience what this add-on can deliver to your business, you can try Telstra’s Adaptive Mobility Accelerator for free from imei. If you find it doesn’t suit your needs during the first month, you can simply opt out, without charge.

>Get in touch with the managed services team at imei to find out more. Our modular approach to adaptive mobility management serves to support business continuity and  maximise productivity which is one of the first things that gets impacted by slow internet speed.


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