imei’s Mandate for Telecoms Managed Services

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These days, having the right managed services partner for your comms network counts as calculated competitive advantage. It’s a far cry from the old notion of “one throat to choke”. This unfortunate term was used extensively across the telecoms sector and in industry parlance described a single point of contact to blame when things go wrong. But as outsourcing IT and telecoms management has become a strategic imperative, it’s decidedly old school to think of your telecommunications managed services provider in this way.

Whether your focus is maintaining and managing an existing comms infrastructure, cutting down on IT operational costs, or being able to respond faster to ever-changing business dynamics, managed services partners extend your capabilities and resources.

Managed services partners improve business outcomes by providing a critical service to continuously maintain and optimise your networks. This includes keeping things operating to agreed standards, managing costs, and performing timely hardware and system updates.

So, the focus of having a managed services provider has switched from having someone to blame when things go wrong to having peace of mind that someone has your back and maintaining business continuity. It’s about the upside of having an experienced team of people in place maximise your communications technology landscape and deliver real business value.

And with ongoing shortages of experienced IT talent, managed services are also coming to the aid of many more businesses by allowing them to outsource routine system maintenance requirements. Taking advantage of managed services helps companies avoid the capital investment required to build and maintain their internal technology infrastructure and capability. The right IT services provider also helps you maximise your technology investments.


Cost-effectively streamlining IT management

Partnering with imei as your managed services provider, you’ll utilise your technology investment to the full to maximise business continuity. This allows you to free up your internal resources from network management and towards more strategic business operations that add more strategic value.

You can count on imei’s mandate for managed services to lower risk, gaining a team with extensive hands-on experience across whole-of-business communications scenarios to help you respond quickly to changes by implementing and managing your communication technologies.

This includes:

  • Safeguarding your company’s data and systems in line with your industry’s unique security needs
  • Staying compliant with ever-evolving privacy and data security rules 
  • Providing users with 24x7 support 
  • Using modern monitoring tools to detect network issues early, preventing them from having a major impact on your business

Our whole-of-business telecommunication capabilities covers fixed and mobile voice and broadband, VoIP, audio/video conferencing, unified communications, and SD-WAN setups. 

As experienced professionals, with imei’s managed services team, you get access to a pool of experts knowledgeable in your supported applications. This means always having the most current skill sets available to your business which reduces training and upskilling costs associated with an internal IT support model. 


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Consider how imei’s managed services offering can help your company take full advantage of modern communication systems and technology. Our whole-of-business offering includes everything from enterprise mobility managed services, data networks, mobile carrier management, to unified communications as a service. 
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