Managed Services: Prioritising ESG Considerations

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With employee and customer expectations to work for or buy from a company that is run in a fair and equitable manner sky high, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting has become an essential business performance metric.

When aging IT assets break or become outdated, how your organisation disposes of its old mobiles and other devices can have a significant commercial impact on the business. With precious metals such as copper and plastics able to be recovered and recycled to make new products, it’s critical your organisation’s old mobiles don’t end up in landfill. Disposing of your company’s waste incorrectly can result in contamination and create a significant environmental risk.

Another ESG challenge of mobile device disposal is the potential for cybersecurity risks. In any business, using old assets past the manufacturer’s service support can result in increased cyberattacks. So, in line with strong governance, organisations need to have auditable disposal processes in place.

As companies take measures to help ensure their supply chain operates in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, it’s also essential the suppliers and managed services providers your partner with show strong alignment to your organisation’s ESG commitments. If a partner business is not seen to take ESG seriously, it has the potential to negatively impact your company’s reputation with a flow on effect to sales and revenue performance.


imei Managed Services


To satisfy ESG considerations, imei managed services empowers companies to take a responsible, secure, and profitable approach to mobile device assets.


Commercial buybacks

When upgrading a fleet of devices, there’s often considerable value in the old phones that can be used towards the cost of the new devices. imei allows you to take advantage of buy back schemes to help offset the cost of new devices.

We offer the ability to repurpose devices, donating some of them to communities which cannot afford the cost of new hardware. Other devices are securely recycled for parts to conserve natural resources.


Sustainable repairs

With an imei managed service, we can take responsibility for managing repairs in a timely manner and providing consultation and advice on replacement devices and device transition processes. This allows you to maximise the value of your technology investment. When devices are beyond repair, we also orchestrate disposal options and mobile device recycling.


Reverse Logistics

It’s important to recover any remaining value from mobile devices at the end of their useful life to your business, so we orchestrate reverse logistics processes where customers return old unwanted devices to us, and we dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way. Businesses receive a summary of data erasure with a recycling certificate ¬– helping tick your ESG compliance requirements.



Offering a sustainable refresh cycle, leasing mobile devices through an imei managed service, allows you to take advantage of sophisticated mobile technology and favourable business terms while avoiding locking up working capital on depreciating assets. At the end of the lease term, you return the devices to us, and we then refurbish the previously leased devices to reduce wastage and increase device lifespan and service.

As ESG initiatives become strategic imperatives for many companies, get in touch with the team at imei to explore how imei’s service offerings can help you achieve your ESG goals.

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