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Do you know how much time your team spends on managing your mobile fleet and the associated telecom spending? These days, with distributed and remote workforces, most companies make use of a wide range of technology. As the number of mobile devices and services used within organisations steadily climbs, the time it takes your team to manage telecom expenses climbs with it. When it comes to reining in escalating telecom costs, many companies struggle to know where to start.

Often, there’s a lack of internal resources and expertise to manage telecom expenses which involves manually auditing each invoice and apportioning the (all too common) spiraling telecom costs to the appropriate divisions, teams, or departments.

When you consider each invoice often comes with hundreds of line items that combine equipment costs with service costs per owner or location, there’s a stack of admin work that needs to be done to verify the charges against specific contractual terms. Plus, when you use multiple carriers for different services, there’s the headache of different invoice formats and having to manage these different invoices for different regions and locations. As a result, it can be extremely difficult to get a complete view of the mobile fleet spend, putting the business at risk of both overspending on and underutilising services.


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Managing telecom services is complex

Make no mistake, managing telecom expenses is a time-consuming process. When done manually, it’s also error prone. So, if you’re serious about optimising the value you get from your telecommunications spend and making sure your company is maximising the telecom services used without paying for billing errors, telecommunications expense management software comes into play. A TEM solution can save businesses between 5-30% in telecom expenses while helping to improve accountability.

Helping companies like yours to order, provision, support, and manage costs of telecom services, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is designed to proactively manage every aspect of telecom billing. TEM helps you control and improve overall telecom and related expenses, simplifying management throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

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Telecom Expense Management as a professional service solution

Opting for a fully managed TEM solution is the fastest way to identify and generate savings on voice, data, and mobile services, as well as device hardware, licensing, and infrastructure.

By selecting a fully managed TEM solution from imei, you let us take care of the day-to-day tasks of managing telecom expenses with systematized processes that free your internal resources from these tasks, helping you reduce costs and risks through billing error identification and better reporting options, all while increasing control and accountability.

By working with our experienced and knowledgeable telecom expense professionals to perform a telecom audit, our software and services package will help you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Introduce new efficiencies
  • Increase visibility
  • Manage carrier spending level
  • Track moves, adds, changes, and disconnections
  • Enable greater control over fixed and mobile voice and data services.

Our managed TEM solution makes short work of identifying billing errors, enabling you to recover funds and credits for overcharges, while optimising resource utilisation. With our solution, your employees will spend less time manually checking invoices and more time on work that creates value to the business. Experience with our clients indicates organisations typically save between 5-10% on labour efficiencies from day one.


Free Telecom Expense Management white paper

As a first step to maximising the value from your telecommunications spend, get a copy of our white paper, TEM: Making the right call on Telecom Expense Management.

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Whitepaper: TEM

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