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The Importance of Trusted Sources for App Installs

The discovery of two new advanced Android surveillance ware instances in July serves as a timely reminder for Australian companies to maintain a robust security posture. The surveillance ware, known as WyrmSpy and DragonEgg, have sophisticated data collection and exfiltration capabilities, and can be used to collect a wide range of data from infected devices. Both are attributed to the high-profile, state-sponsored espionage group APT41.

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Managing Company Phones Where Personal Info and Work Co-exists

Attractive working conditions with the flexibility to work outside the office is a major drawcard for boosting employee engagement and attracting new talent. With the shift to hybrid working patterns, keeping employees securely connected to company applications and data while they work from home, in a café, or on the go, is now part of the many and complicated challenges tasked to the IT team. When your organisation embraces workplace flexibility it’s essential to adopt powerful security controls to go with it.

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Data Security: Essential Eight Compliance Accreditation

Australian businesses are well served by a wealth of communications technology services providers for internet, data, unified communications, mobile, and more. This means it’s not uncommon to have one service provider deliver your data network carriage, another your fixed voice and mobile phone assets, another to manage communication costs, and yet another to maintain everything.

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The imei Intelligence Dashboard - for greater visibility over mobile services spend

In a world where data is power, getting valuable insights from unified data is critical for making data-driven decisions and competitive advantage. But when you need to retrieve data on mobile services from multiple sources and there’s a reliance on manual processes to duplicate data from one system to another, there’s a risk of not having the right information at the right time to make informed business decisions around your mobile fleet when it matters most.

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Overcome Cybersecurity Skills Shortage With A Managed Service

The International Monetary Fund’s global economic outlook continues to be far from sunny with rising inflation and subdued economic growth likely to persist. Many companies are still plagued by challenges that emerged during the time of COVID-19 and are experiencing further challenges caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

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