Dubber addresses challenges of mobility in hybrid workplaces and local councils

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We work closely with Dubber for unified call recording cloud based services directly from the Telstra network, allowing you to record calls from fixed lines, mobiles, and IP connections.

Dubber have provided us with some case studies to offer an insight into the type of work they do and issues they solve.

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Dubber addresses the challenges of mobility in hybrid workplaces

Hybrid working has increased the usage of mobile and rapid adoption of unified communications, such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, for crucial customer interactions. Digital and distanced interactions now require businesses to have accurate records of conversations for modernising compliance, dispute resolution and improving customer experience. And as employees have become dislocated from the workplace, it is more important than ever to have real-time analytics and records of how they were interacting with customers from mobile and unified communications. 

Dubber now makes it possible to address all the challenges. Dubber is fully integrated with Telstra TIPT, Liberate, Microsoft Teams & Cisco Webex, which means all your mobile and UC conversations are automatically recorded and available as an instant replay, with transcriptions and sentiment analysis from one secure portal. 

Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW) now can use Dubber to capture all calls including mobiles to improve their response speed. 

Before moving to Dubber, SLSNSW used on-premise call recording which was unable to capture mobile phone calls. Moving to the cloud with Dubber, natively integrated into Telstra’s infrastructure solved the problem.

Through Dubber, Telstra Liberate and TIPT all working together we can record all calls including mobiles. We’re really happy with Dubber. The Dubber-Telstra partnership makes it so easy. We just pay a monthly fee, and it all just works. We don’t need to worry about hosting it ourselves.”
- - Matthew Ingersole, Chief Information Officer, SLSNSW

Learn more about how Dubber can unify Telstra TIPT, Liberate and UC conversations such as Microsoft Teams & Cisco Webex, download the case study today!

What every local council needs to know to quickly improve customer experience


Better experience & service delivery is the key focus for local councils.

Local councils in Australia – from the capital cities to regional communities – are facing a period of significant disruption as they deal with a range of issues including budget constraints, economic transition and rising demands and expectations on services. These shifts require new ways of thinking about the way services are delivered and the demand for call recording and conversational AI is rapidly accelerating like never before. 

We’ve partnered with Dubber - the world’s leading cloud unified call recording and voice AI solution. Our local government customers can now easily record, replay and analyse any call from any endpoint for fast dispute resolution and staff training to boost customer experience, productivity and performance.

Answering the needs with unified call recording and voice AI

The benefits of unified call recording and voice AI are enormous, including: 

  1.  Fast dispute resolution – Quickly verify crucial conversations with instant access to all call recordings.
  2. Customer service delivery – Easily identify reasons for calls, analyse trends and investigate complaints with transcriptions and reports to improve service delivery.
  3. Boost productivity - Reduce manual data entry with automatic transcriptions of every call, virtual or F2F meetings and easy integration into customer files.
  4. Compliance - Record, transcribe and securely store all calls in the cloud for compliance in line with record keeping requirements.
  5. Better coaching and training - Capture every conversation regardless of employee location for coaching and service performance.
  6. Single view of customer - Build and maintain customer conversational data in one platform, and easily share it between departments for better customer outcomes.

Devonport City Council gets instant customer satisfaction insights with Dubber.

Many councils in Australia already use Dubber, including Devonport City Council in Tasmania, to:

  • Easily and simply replay conversations between council staff and ratepayers for effective staff coaching
  • Monitor customer satisfaction of every call in real-time and quickly identify calls that need closer examination
  • Gain insights into what is driving calls into the council 
  • Improve council services with easy sharing of recordings and transcriptions between departments

Dubber has been the next level for customer service performance, and we now have more structure in our training. Dubber is filling in the gaps in knowledge”
-- Danielle Harvey, Customer Services Coordinator, Devonport City Council

Download the full story.

Why Choose Dubber?

Dubber is the world's #1 Unified Conversational Recording platform natively integrated into Telstra, Microsoft Teams, Cisco and more. 

Provisioned with a click, UCR enables voice data to be generated from every conversation and delivered to Dubber’s infinitely scalable Voice Intelligence Cloud where AI creates insights, intelligence, beautiful transcriptions and more.

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