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In our hybrid-work world, it’s a critical business requirement to find the right balance between supporting workplace flexibility and having stringent controls in place to ensure corporate data is safe and secure.

With your employees working from just about anywhere, you need to help your employees carry out their work productively and in a way that protects your organisation, your customers, and your corporate reputation. So it’s important to take the right steps to mitigate risks by adopting internal controls that protect valuable corporate assets and keep your company secure.

You need to exert strong control over:

  • Who connects to your company data
  • What permissions users have, and
  • Which devices are authorised to access sensitive information

When it comes to identity security and the move to hybrid working, securing who’s accessing critical data, resources, and apps is essential. To protect a network’s integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility from misuse or breaches, you need to restrict access to avoid cyberattacks and the move from user to another once an individual has been compromised. And with endpoint security, the groundswell of internet-connected devices continues to create ever new entry points for hackers, adding to the complexity of managing enterprise security.


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That’s why it’s fundamental to business continuity to have a clear understanding of and tightly managing:

  • The number of devices in the fleet and how many of them are active
  • Where each device is located and the user’s digital identity attached to it
  • All security patch requirements and software updates in a timely manner
  • Device authentication and strong password protection
  • The allocation of carrier, device, and application costs to the right cost centres across the business
  • The prompt termination of access and services to past employees

The first step in strengthening your internal controls is getting a detailed overview of how everything is set up and working so you can identify gaps and optimise the environment. This is where imei can give you a head start.

imei Intelligence provides a detailed overview of your mobile device fleet and network infrastructure for voice and data, pinpointing risk within your mobile device fleet. As well as identifying the users who are connecting to your corporate data, user permissions, and authorisations, the detailed report provides an assessment of the potential for information loss and your data risk. The service also wraps up security findings from your Mobile Threat Management tools.

With this accurate and comprehensive overview of your mobile device landscape, you can both secure and enable your employees’ use of mobile devices for maximum competitive advantage. imei Intelligence displays security settings at a glance, so you can take action where necessary to ensure security protocols are at their highest level and ensure your mobile devices are on the latest and most up to date operating system. Likewise, when employees leave your organisation and it’s important to offboard them and their technology, imei intelligence service allows you to check that access to services is shut off and devices are appropriately decommissioned or wiped.


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