5 benefits of leasing mobile technology

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When it comes to adopting, managing, and supporting the right mobile technology for a company’s workforce, there’s a big upfront cost and if your organisation manages the devices internally, there’s a considerable job there too. Your team is responsible for everything from evaluating the right technology for the organisation to managing the myriad of essential tasks around mobile device management, including device configuration, security and backups, application management, end-user support, and management across the enterprise.

Leasing for mobile devices

In the same way a business turns to specialists for motor vehicle leasing and fleet management to assuage capital expenditure and the skill sets required for managing a fleet of vehicles, more businesses are taking advantage of leasing with a managed service for their fleet of mobile devices.


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5 benefits of leasing mobile technology

These days, with the pace of technological change, many companies may well be better off leasing equipment with a managed service as opposed to buying new every few years and handling it all internally. Of course, there are pros and cons, so it’s important to determine the right path for your organisation. Here are a few of the advantages of taking the leasing option:

1.  Leasing mobile technology allows you to stay current

As mobile technology continues to evolve at a rapid clip, a leasing arrangement allows you to keep your employees current with the latest technology every 24 to 36 months. This helps support your workforce’s productivity, ensuring your people use modern devices to complete their daily tasks at home, in the office, or on the road.


2. Leasing mobile technology mitigates obsolescence

With the fast-obsolescence factor inherent in mobile devices, you get to sidestep the issue of having to deal with fast-aging equipment. Adopting a lease and return model eliminates the need for you to manage the sale or disposal of old devices. With leasing, you continue to take advantage of the latest technology while aging equipment is taken care of on your behalf.


3. Leasing mobile technology supports better expense management

Leasing mobile technology reduces capital spending which frees up funding for other parts of the business. And you get to manage consistent and predictable costs for the term of your lease. And with leasing, when there are issues with phones, your leasing provider is responsible for getting them resolved.


4. Leasing mobile technology allows you to try new technology faster

As there’s no need for a significant capital expense to purchase the devices outright and upfront, companies tend to take advantage of more advanced technologies, faster.


5. Leasing mobile technology attracts tax benefits

When leasing mobile devices, you may be able to claim tax deductibility as an operating expense.


Leased and managed mobile devices

In one move, the combination of leasing and a managed service allows your organisation to turn big capital expenditures into operating costs. In doing so you get to maximise cash flow and liberate IT resources to focus on more strategic work instead of the intricacies involved in running a modern mobile fleet.

For a strong start to the new financial year, consider using leasing and an imei managed service to equip your team with the latest devices without any significant capital outlay. To find out more please get in touch.

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