How to maximise the benefits of investing in new technology

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Companies that had adopted new technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic were agile and flexible, able to pivot quickly to support new business dynamics and allow their people to work from just about anywhere.

Over the course of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic paved the way to a new era of remote working, where the strength of a company’s communications infrastructure and digital connectivity had never been more important. Laid bare, the benefits of investing in new technology were plain to see. Those companies that had adopted new technologies were agile and flexible, able to pivot quickly to support new business dynamics and allow their people to work from just about anywhere.

Much of the investment in technology made by businesses last year was focused on enabling business continuity in times of unprecedented disruption. While digital technology served businesses well to keep them operating, there’s now an urgent need to continue investing in new technology to increase the ease of communication and collaboration, security and convenience.


Capitalising on the benefits of investing in new technology

According to a McKinsey Global study from October last year, How COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point—and transformed business forever, business executives reported a rapid shift toward interacting with customers through digital channels. Recognising technology as a critical enabler of the business, the study shows rates of adoption are years ahead of where they were when previous surveys were conducted.

Now, with a new normal work order supporting a hybrid model of working with office-based and remote teams, communications technology is taking centre stage. This means investing in new technology such as Microsoft Teams, Telstra IP Telephony, Telstra Calling, and the Amazon Connect platform is an urgent business propriety.


Gaining fast time to value from new technology investments

Recognising the huge and rapid shift to digital communication technologies, imei offers a raft of managed services to maximise the benefits of investing in new technology. We offer support for businesses running these secure, reliable modern technologies, ensuring your new systems operate at peak performance.

By using imei managed services, you free your IT team of handling multiple communication systems, keep your technologies operating at optimal levels, while freeing valuable IT resources to focus on projects that add more strategic value.


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Deploying, managing and maintaining communication solutions

Investing in new technology to support your remote and office-based teams, imei’s professional and managed services offerings can help you take care of establishing, managing, and maintaining your solutions, including:


Setting up Microsoft Teams to replace your legacy phone system

Replacing your legacy phone system with Microsoft Teams as your primary telecom interface has the potential for significant cost savings, reduced complexity, and enhanced security. We can help set up Microsoft Teams in the same way as you use your regular office phone – and do it from any device with an internet connection running Teams.


Enabling simple and scalable cloud UC with TIPT

Converging your voice, video and data services with Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) allows for a consistent user experience across different compatible connected devices and locations. With imei configuring this solution for you, you avoid the costs and complexity of buying, integrating and managing hardware and applications. Telstra SECOPS certified


Deploying Telstra Calling for Office 365 

Telstra Calling for Office 365 simplifies the entire calling process and smooths communications between office staff and remote workers. With essential calling features such as hold, transfer, call forwarding, and voicemail in the cloud, it allows you to support enterprise mobility and remote working. 


Transforming contact centre capabilities with Amazon Connect

Reshaping your contact centre capabilities to meet the needs of today’s demanding customers, it’s important to leverage the ecosystem of offerings available on the Amazon Connect platform. Our dedicated team has the technical knowhow and the skills to build and maintain your cloud contact centre capabilities.


Capitalising on the right technology investments

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