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Top 5 tips for choosing the right managed mobility service provider

Starting out with a new managed mobility service provider (MMSP) gives you the opportunity to take a fresh look at your mobile technology.

Whether it’s your first time, or you’re changing providers, your mobile fleet will benefit from a thorough assessment of where you’re at, where you’d like to be, and how you’ll get there.

Topics: Management Lifecycle

5 Tips to Make Your Mobile Technology More Secure

Now, more than ever, businesses need a strategy in place to secure the mobile workspace from the growing threat of mobile cyber-attacks, IP and corporate information breeches.

Topics: Security

The Difference between MDM, EMM, and MTM

There are several tools and services available to companies engaging with Enterprise Mobility, but understanding how each can be utilised – let alone what is the best fit for your business, can be confusing.

Why Managed Mobility Should Be Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

Today, with the reliance on technology to underpin business transactions, combined with the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, viruses, power outages and natural disasters, a business continuity plan is more important than ever.

Designing Your Office for Collaboration

Collaboration is one way to boost productivity in the office. However, successful implementation consists of more than just putting a group of people together in the same room.

Topics: Unified Communications