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Recent Posts by imei Marketing:

End User Profile Compliance

As companies continue to strive for greater workforce productivity, they are not always aware of the inherent risks new technologies introduce and therefore don’t adequately plan to address them.

Topics: Security

Enterprise Mobility Management and Unified Communications 

In today’s business environment, it is vital to 'stay ahead of the curve', so to speak. However, in an ever changing market, how can this be reliably achieved?  Well, in fact, it is not so difficult.

Topics: Connectivity

Why Persona Profiles are an essential component of effective Enterprise Mobility Management

The role based, “Persona,” Profile is an essential component of any effective Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy.

Topics: Intelligence

Mobile Device Management for Security

With NDB legislation businesses using Enterprise Mobility must acknowledge that mismanagement of their mobile ecosystem puts their company at risk.

Topics: Security

What every director of a company turning over $3m+ must be aware of

From February 22, 2018, all organisations that use mobile devices for work, accrue $3million or more in revenue and operate within Australia, are obligated to comply with the new National Data Breach (NDB) legislation