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Recent Posts by imei Marketing:

imei Joins GEMA – the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance

Sydney, Australia, 08/05/2018 – imei have today announced the joining of GEMA - the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance.

Topics: News

Reduce emails and boost productivity with Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (IM) in the workplace has been around for a while. The consumerisation of technology, and popularity of social media and messaging apps, have already filtered into the workplace and changed work interactions.

Topics: Unified Communications Connectivity

End User Profile Compliance

As companies continue to strive for greater workforce productivity, they are not always aware of the inherent risks new technologies introduce and therefore don’t adequately plan to address them.

Topics: Security

User Profile Management for Enterprise Mobility

Getting the right balance of workforce effectiveness and corporate security is difficult. One way to help simplify things is with End User profiles.  By effectively managing End User or “Persona” Profiles, organisations can better understand how employees are behaving, identify workspace inefficiencies and mitigate security breaches.

Topics: Management

Enterprise Mobility Management and Unified Communications 

In today’s business environment, it is vital to 'stay ahead of the curve', so to speak. However, in an ever changing market, how can this be reliably achieved?  Well, in fact, it is not so difficult.

Topics: Connectivity