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Recent Posts by imei Marketing:

Productivity in Enterprise Mobility: The Benefits of MDM

Enterprise mobility has seen the number of devices used for work grow exponentially, with 61% of the IT workforce now working from outside the office on their own devices.

Mobile Device Management for Enterprise Mobility Security


With over 60% of businesses globally allowing employees to use personal devices to access corporate data, Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps companies monitor and maintain their security.

Topics: Security

Enabling Enterprise Mobility with Mobile Device Management

A forecast on global mobility has estimated that 42% of the worldwide workforce will be mobile by the year 2020 and that globally, employees are using at least three mobile devices for work-related activities. 

imei and BTAS announces planned merger

Sydney, Australia, 18/01/2018 - imei and BTAS have today announced the planned merger of their business operations.

Topics: News

The Uber Data Breach: Implications for Mobile Threat Management

This past week it was reported that the identity of over 57million global Uber users were compromised by a massive data breach in 2016.

Topics: Security