3 ways to meet mobile and bandwidth demands without stretching your IT team

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In our COVID-adjusted economy operating in a cycle of lockdowns, supporting enterprise mobility is more critical than ever. Even out of lockdown, the popular switch to a hybrid working model creates a geographically dispersed workforce operating from different locations using their own devices.

This growing reliance on converged devices and IT systems mean extra mobile and bandwidth demands, expanded telecom networks, and a more urgent need for streamlined telecom costs. Add to that the need to support more complex technologies, increased adoption of cloud applications, and high resolution video communications which are putting more pressure on overall network bandwidth.

Given the added complexity of increased mobile and bandwidth demands coupled with mission criticality, more and more companies are handing over the reins of their communications technologies to a whole-of-business communication provider like imei.

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Communications Management

Our managed services in enterprise mobility management (EMM), Telecom Expense Management (TEM), and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) optimise communications management and spend, leaving your IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives.


1. Mobile fleet management (EMM)

It’s no secret, most companies need help managing their mobile fleets. From device provisioning to the ongoing cycle of physical audits along with software updates and security patches means this is an ongoing task. And then there’s managing lost devices and the risk of your corporate data falling into the wrong hands by way of a stolen phone.

Rather than resourcing mobile device management inhouse, imei offers holistic enterprise mobility management (EMM) services that extend beyond mobile device management to the apps and content on them. We manage the tools to enforce security settings, track and wipe lost devices, and trouble-shoot device issues remotely.


2. Managing telecom expenses (TEM)

Managing the physical devices is just half the job. The rapid rise of mobile devices and use of cellular communications services potentially makes your mobile fleet a major operating expense. Then there’s the overheads from wireline phones and devices, software licenses, telecommunications network hardware, and on-premise, hosted or hybrid cloud services.

As managing telecom expenses is a significant chunk of work that can quickly get out of hand, our telecom expense management (TEM) services free your people from this task and deliver peace of mind.

With imei overseeing your whole-of-business telecommunications spend across the entire telecom inventory, we can help you unlock competitive advantage and significant telecom spending cost savings.


3. Increasing bandwidth

With employees working at home, making full use of bandwidth hungry apps, there’s increased pressure on overall network bandwidth. This in turn has got many companies considering an SD-WAN as an attractive option for increased performance and centralised management.

But setting up SD-WAN takes more than a little expertise – meaning it demands a significant amount of time that IT staff need to dedicate to implementing, operating, and managing SD-WAN infrastructure. Rather than labour over it, imei’s managed SD-WAN offerings mitigate the competing needs to deliver increased bandwidth with greater reliability, higher security, and simplicity while freeing IT staff from this task.


Accelerate your communications transformation

For help managing enterprise mobility management, the telecommunication expenditure, SD-WAN configuration or orchestrating more complex transformations, imei has the proven experience and expertise to guide your organisation on its digital transformation journey. Rather than have different experts for different parts of the business, realising value from imei’s whole-of-business managed services with a dedicated team to help with everything from EMM, TEM, SD-WAN, and beyond.

If you’re managing a communications transformation, talk to imei about taking the next steps with our managed services team.

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