The imei Intelligence Dashboard - for greater visibility over mobile services spend

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In a world where data is power, getting valuable insights from unified data is critical for making data-driven decisions and competitive advantage. But when you need to retrieve data on mobile services from multiple sources and there’s a reliance on manual processes to duplicate data from one system to another, there’s a risk of not having the right information at the right time to make informed business decisions around your mobile fleet when it matters most.


Gain visibility with the imei Intelligence Dashboard

For example, can you pinpoint mobile services the business is underutilising that you could potentially cancel and save costs? Or what about services or devices that are overused and are stretching budgets because of excess usage? Are you confident your mobile communications technology spend and your employees’ use of mobile devices is providing maximum competitive advantage?

In terms of your mobile communications spend and usage, when information is coming from multiple sources, a lack of cohesive visibility and reporting has a direct correlation on your ability to make the right decisions at the right time.


The power of compelling data visualisations

Answering this need, the imei Intelligence Dashboard is imei’s new digital reporting engine that allows us to provide insights and intelligence on the services we provide via intuitive dashboards.

Offering a simplified yet data rich experience, the imei Intelligence Dashboard combines multiple data sets from many sources and presents the information in a highly consumable way for our mobile fleet and services customers. Making data more accessible and understandable, imei Intelligence Dashboards deliver a visual view of insights and important information to time-strapped employees who need insights quickly.


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With the imei Intelligence Dashboard for services, you can easily track and manage support cases and drill down on the carrier, device, and platform support requests made, in progress, and completed. You can explore information on procurement and provisioning to understand exactly what devices have been shipped, provisioned, or are awaiting connection. With the information updated regularly during business hours, you can view response times, device activations, and service requests when it’s most convenient for the business.

Likewise for our mobile fleet customers, the imei Intelligence Dashboard for fleets gives you an overview of usage and billing. You can view your account summary over time, including monthly spend values, data usage, and service level changes. Drill down functionality allows you keep on the front foot by quickly identifying under- or overutilised services and the largest consumers of data so you can be proactive about making amends. With all this summary information available briefly, the imei Intelligence Dashboard delivers added value for customers of our managed services offerings.

For customers wanting a more granular level of detail and itemised billing data and features such as cost centre grouping and end user reports, imei’s TEM services remain the go-to solution for telecom expense management.


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Original Post: 25 August 2022

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