Use It Or Lose It: Smart Ways To Spend Down Unspent Telecoms Budgets

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As the end of the financial year draws closer, if you have unspent budget for 2022/23, it makes sense to take advantage of it while you still can. As it’s time to use it or lose it, a smart way to spend down those remaining dollars productively is to fuel next year’s activities upfront. So, consider the benefits of prepaying enterprise mobility managed services, communication technology upgrades, critical hardware, communications health checks, and security audits.


Prepay managed services

Think about spending down existing budget by prepaying managed services now for the next financial year. This way you get to shore up continuously maintained and optimised telecom networks and infrastructure while extending your internal resource capabilities. 

In terms of enterprise mobility, you can prepay for managed services for everything from mobile device and security provisioning to deployment, freeing your internal resources from managing telecom technology expenses and help desk services in 2023/24. 

Remember, using imei’s whole-of-business services, you can take advantage of: 

  • Cost savings through carrier negotiation, usage analysis, and optimisation strategies.
  • Specialist skills through access to highly trained resources with the right skills and technical expertise to handle everything from Telstra TIPT and Microsoft Teams Calling, to VoIP  and SD-WAN networks at the right time.
  • Increased efficiency though ready access to data on everything from cost allocation, to plans, and usage of international services to make data-driven decisions.


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Prepay a communications upgrade

If there’s an urgent need to upgrade your communication technology and you have unspent budget for this year, consider using it now to invest in Unified Communications as a Service. UCaaS expands your company’s telephony capabilities with modern communication processes, easing information sharing, and video meetings for the entire team. Offering instant messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, screen sharing, and video conferencing features from one interface, your employees can perform as well from virtually any location as they can in the office.  

When integrated with Microsoft’s 365 software and other business communication apps, UCaaS helps streamline productivity and work efficiency with simplified document sharing, video recording and transcripts. 


Prepay phone upgrades

Consider deploying this year’s unspent budget on undertaking timely hardware and system upgrades. As it’s critical to minimise exposure to network security risks, your fleet of mobile devices needs to operate the latest OS with up-to-date application versions and security patching. So, even if you’re planning to replace older devices later in the year, you could take advantage of your remaining budget and set it aside for the mobile upgrade by prepaying now.


Prepay a communications health check

With your unspent budget you could get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your mobile device fleet and network infrastructure for voice and data to help you control costs and reduce security risks. Our health check service gives you clear visibility across your communication technology environment, so you can take the next steps to control costs and reduce security risks into the new financial year.


Prepay a security audit

As an essential component of any successful business, implementing strong mobile data security initiatives is mission critical. If you have unspent budget, use it to conduct a security audit to learn exactly how your network and other security systems measure up. In this age of mobility and flexible working, it’s critical to scrutinise all the entry points into your network and consider where they are vulnerable. 


Use it, don't lose it!

How you handle your end-of-year unspent budget can have a very positive impact on your company throughout the next financial year. If you’re interested in anything we’ve discussed in this article, please get in touch.

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