Prioritising UC in 2022

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In a world that’s increasingly unpredictable and where your employees are working from many places besides the office, the pace of business continues to accelerate even in the face of rapid inflation and volatile markets. In this environment many businesses are discovering traditional communication systems no longer measure up.

When supporting a hybrid workforce is commonplace and ongoing digital transformation is necessary to compete, connecting modes of communication through unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) systems is now an essential element of a thriving workplace.

UC&C systems allow companies to access the tools they need for communication and collaboration through a single application. This means people within the company can use everything from instant messaging, voice and video calling, meetings, screen sharing, and scheduling apps, file sharing tools, and calendars from the same user interface.


Simple and Intuitive UC&C Tools

By streamlining communication systems into a single application, UC&C is more efficient for IT departments to manage while it also allows employees to have the same experience no matter where they are.

UC&C solutions encompass:

  • Network infrastructure including firewalls, routers, and switches
  • IP phones
  • Server or hardware platform
  • Services including instant messaging, email, voicemail, CRM tools, mobile apps, and video conferencing tools.

And these days, without unifying communications into one solution, your company is likely to be wasting time, and money. The enhanced productivity that comes with a UC&C implementation also results in reduced operating and maintenance costs.


CEO's Guide to UC


Support Agile Working

As more organisations seek to enable business conversations, communication, and collaboration to happen anywhere, on any device, at any time, businesses are seeing swift returns from replacing legacy siloed communication systems with UC&C.


Quick Wins from Adopting UC&C 

In our post pandemic operating environment where the world continues to be increasingly impossible to predict, UC&C solutions enable secure and flexible collaborative working globally. By enabling your people to work in an agile and smarter way, UC&C can deliver many benefits, including:

  1. Improved productivity for your people no matter their location or what device they are using, with a secure and unified environment where they can work together.
  2. Reduced costs from moving to the cloud and an OpEx strategy means fewer upfront costs and capital investments.
  3. Enhanced project management from using modern and accessible online collaboration capabilities that keep everyone up to date and in the loop.
  4. Streamlined document management from storing documents in a centralised location, accessible for everyone on the team.
  5. Optimised competitiveness through the ease of onboarding far flung talent to work on strategic projects in a collaborative way.


UC&C Provides the Key to Collaborative Work

If you’re looking to deliver efficiency gains by providing your people with the tools that allow them to work together with ease no matter where they are, please get in touch with imei. We can help you optimise your operations with unified communications and collaboration tools and help you find ways to maximise user adoption.

Over the past few years, we have helped many businesses unify communications with whole-of-business collaboration technologies that give them optimal access to VoIP telephone, computers, and mobile devices. To find out how we can help your business, call us on 1300 65 77 99.

CEO's Guide to UC

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