Speed Your 5G Future With Telstra’s Enhanced Enterprise Wireless Service

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There’s no denying mobile connectivity is an essential part of our lives both in the business world and at home. With 5G so important for powering next-generation health care, education, farms, factories, and cities, as momentum builds in the rollout of 5G, innovative companies are already developing new business models to take advantage of it. Many other companies are in the process of devising strategies for adopting advanced mobile use cases to take advantage of 5G.


Exploit Potential Productivity Gains

For any business in the throes of exploring how to use 5G for competitive advantage, Telstra’s new Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution offers a 99.9% guarantee of wireless network availability at eligible sites.

Going beyond providing a business grade fixed wireless connection to your business sites, the Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution offers additional service level agreements through a managed service from imei. It’s all designed to get you connected and keep you connected to dedicated enhanced infrastructure. There’s also greater flexibility of deployment options with significantly reduced set up times.


Telstra’s Enhanced Enterprise Wireless Service Enhancements

Key features of Telstra’s Enhanced Enterprise Wireless Service include guaranteed uptime on connectivity, managed service installation, maintenance, and monitoring, with:

  • Robust fixed wireless implementation with enterprise grade endpoints and routers
  • Guaranteed 99.9% network availability service level uptime helping secure business continuity in selected installed sites
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Service qualification, site survey, and installation including antennas, reporting, NetCloud account management, and proactive monitoring from imei Managed Services
  • Network connectivity with rapid activation and visibility around your network performance

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Telstra Enhanced Enterprise Wireless Managed Services Delivered By imei

The suite of Telstra Enhanced Enterprise Wireless managed services delivered by imei includes professional services, Cradlepoint device installation and configuration, as well as the setup of device lifecycle management.

A site assessment and design consultancy service enables the identification of the optimum location for reception and cell tower coverage, providing the most reliable 5G network connectivity and performance possible.

Our onsite device installation and configuration managed service includes installing high-gain antennas and NetCloud setup and configuration for Cradlepoint devices. Device lifecycle management services include hardware asset management, hot swaps for warranty replacements, and the management of licenses and the NetCloud platform. Backing it all up, there is an 8am-8pm AEDT help desk along with proactive support through NetCloud alerts for incident monitoring and resolution, specifically if network connectivity is compromised.

Plus, there’s a new level of performance and service management reporting with intuitive cloud-based dashboards for ease of visibility and access.

As technology adoption continues to escalate, the earlier your business can unlock the potential of 5G applications, the better the competitive advantage. As an accredited Telstra 5G Partner and Certified Cradlepoint partner for 5G, imei’s professional and managed services are here to assist in designing and maintaining secure 5G internet connectivity.

With Telstra’s new Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution with managed services delivered by imei, we will work with you to maximise reliable connectivity and elevate your business readiness to take advantage of 5G.

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