Beat the Triple Threat of Under-Performing Networks with SD-WAN

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Distributed network architecture, high network maintenance costs, and suboptimal data security create a triple threat for companies across the country. Businesses everywhere continue to battle under-performing networks, but if our experience at Telstra Vantage this year is anything to go by, the SD-WAN secret is definitely out. Software-defined WAN (or SD-WAN) provides a cost-effective answer to these three challenges and more.

As SD-WAN is straightforward to set up, fast to deploy, and totally flexible to serve today’s changing needs, it comes as no surprise then that this surging interest in SD-WAN adoption isn’t just from the big end of town, it certainly resonates for midmarket organisations as well. SD-WAN deployments allow a company to reshape its network to meet changing needs without having to wait the next IT budget to refresh costly network infrastructure. With software-defined architecture, companies can extend their networks to challenging locations, such as remote sites and rural locations, all without pricey hardware to underpin it.

As a managed solution that’s quick to deploy with existing infrastructure, SD-WAN provides an easy choice for any enterprise wanting to strengthen connectivity and security without facing downtime or complex rollouts.


Take Advantage of SD-WAN for Security and Efficiency Gains

Deploying SD-WAN delivers serious business benefits. In terms of mitigating slow network speeds, it distributes the load across technologies and providers to make way for more uptime. In an SD-WAN environment, apps are automatically directed over the link with the best performance at the time the application is being accessed. This means it can naturally expand to handle a massive burst of activity and shrink again when it’s not required. And with more uptime comes enhanced productivity, operational continuity, and increased employee engagement.

With the software approach to managing Wide Area Networks, you can connect new locations immediately without the months-long delays of old, meaning your people get instant and secure access to corporate resources as soon as it’s switched on. For example, if your company is in the throes of acquiring a business with a large population of users that you need to integrate into your network fast, having SD-WAN technology is a boon and will help you seamlessly provide access to these new employees. As SD-WAN works hand-in-glove with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology, users are authenticated at the perimeter of the network using a list of permissions to govern application access. This allows you to offer remote and mobile employees the same resources as anyone else working from the office over the SD-WAN. And they get to use them at optimal performance levels.


7 Business Benefits of SD-WAN


1. SD-WAN is quick to deploy
2. SD-WAN is more secure for remote and hybrid workers outside the corporate firewall
3. SD-WAN allows workers to join the company network without complex access processes
4. SD-WAN allows you extend your network to remote and challenging locations
5. SD-WAN reshapes to accommodate changing needs
6. SD-WAN gives your people secure access to corporate resources wherever they are working
7. SD-WAN allows employees to access the company network without having to put pricey infrastructure in place


Supporting secure and robust access to corporate resources from any device, in any location, SD-WAN provides the core of a consistent and engaging user experience. Using enterprise-class security solutions, this technology protects all applications, workflows, and transactions on the network.


Get Help Planning Your SD-WAN Deployments

So, if you’re ready to make slow network speeds a thing of the past, please get in touch with imei. We can assess your network needs and implement a cost-effective SD-WAN environment, while giving you access to ongoing support.

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