Why 5G is about to transform everything

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See a headline with 5G in it, and it’s often accompanied by the term ‘game-changer’. If you’re like me, this puts you on automatic high alert for PR spin. However, in the case of 5G, merely describing it as a game-changer may well be underselling its true value and impact.


5G is a revolution

With its stellar game-changer credentials, it’s easy to get carried away. I’ve seen some experts go as far as to say that 5G could be one of the most important developments in human history. Now, that’s a huge call to say this technology ranks alongside significant technological breakthroughs such as the printing press, electricity, and penicillin!

Hyperbole aside however, I think it’s safe to say we can expect to see this technology profoundly changing many aspects of our personal and working lives. 5G will usher in a world in which not just people but all things are connected.

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5G means zero waiting time

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, delivering blazing-fast speeds of up to 20 Gbps, and offering so much more. This is due, in no small part, to the benefits of reduced latency which is the time between data request and its delivery.

With latency as low as one millisecond, 5G is built to deliver entirely new real-time experiences. This paves the way for a new era in video streaming and virtually instant cloud access that will underpin digital transformation and "always on" business models. With this technology, businesses can optimise service delivery with highly personalised experiences for connected consumers. With one millisecond latency, new applications in healthcare, emergency services, utilities, and autonomous driving become a reality.

5G will especially help businesses to harness the enormous promise of the internet of things (IoT), using sensors to communicate data and insights about business operations from many kinds of devices, including robotics, security cameras, drones and autonomous vehicles.


5G in the enterprise

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recently, we were told we can expect to be living in a world of 25 billion IoT connections by 2050 alone. Businesses, factories, and critical infrastructure will all rely on 5G data connectivity as smart devices with sensors monitor everything, everywhere, all of the time. For example, in the city, sensors will monitor traffic flow, giving drivers access to this information in real time. Manufacturers will be able to use sensors throughout their factories for preventative maintenance and to improve efficiency. In remote area healthcare, remote patient monitoring will become a reality thanks to IoT devices.

With 5G, businesses will have constant unbroken access to a fast, reliable internet connection across locations which will serve to increase productivity in the office, on the road, and from home. 5G will help employees work more efficiently – ultimately, saving costs and increasing business revenue. When it comes to remote working, virtual reality apps supported by seamless connectivity will make remote meetings feel as if you’re truly in the same meeting room, even if you do have to bring your own muffin!


5G security

As 5G networks become a reality bringing with them all their transformational promise, expect cybersecurity threats to ramp up. With 5G's arrival facilitating a truly mobile workforce and an avalanche of new services that are dependent on 5G data connectivity, businesses, factories, critical infrastructure, and smart homes, will all need to put stronger cybersecurity measures in place – including more complex authentication methods.


5G growth engine

The 5G revolution is not just about faster smartphones. It’s about new business possibilities for smarter and more convenient living and working. It’s about Industry 4.0 and the concept of the connected factory. It’s about laying the foundations for intelligent hospitals and creating smart tools to assist doctors. It’s about precision agriculture using smart sensors and drones to optimise soil and irrigation for the food we produce. It’s about the arrival of autonomous vehicles, optimal traffic flow and sensor-driven smart parking.

The revolution is coming, and the business possibilities are endless.


Enabled for 5G?

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