Ways To Order And Pay For Devices In Your Mobile Fleet Refresh

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When you’re ready to equip your workforce with newer, more sophisticated technology, there are a number of ways to order and pay for the devices. Depending on your requirements, you can purchase mobile devices outright in one payment, opt to pay monthly over an agreed term, or choose to lease the devices. The latter allows you to switch to an operational expenditure model, removing mobile asset acquisition from your capital expenses.

As a whole-of-business communications provider, imei is recognised as an Accredited Telstra Global Partner and can help you with your mobile device refresh. imei’s managed mobility services (MMS) encompass everything from procuring devices through to decommissioning, providing the expertise and assistance to manage the entire lifecycle of your growing mobile infrastructure. This includes remediating any security gaps in your existing setup to helping you define your device enrolment process and governance structure as well as procuring the devices from Telstra and deploying and managing them.

We can take advantage of holding stock to expedite shipment of mobile devices to your locations and can store quantities of spare devices until they are required. An imei managed service makes short work of deploying and managing hundreds of devices and frees your team from the burden of this extra workload.


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Buying mobile devices

With our managed service, we’ll enrol the new devices ordered from Telstra and manage your fleet through its lifecycle. This allows you to establish robust controls, securely transitioning data so your people receive devices that are pre-configured and locked to your company settings. This means your new Apple and Samsung phones and tablets are ready to go out of the box, eliminating manual processes and the need to call your helpdesk.

When you buy the new devices from Telstra, you get 10% of net monthly subscriptions banked into your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund which you can draw on to offset the purchase price of eligible hardware and devices as well as associated managed services.


Leasing mobile devices

Another option that’s becoming more popular is leasing mobile devices with an imei managed service, allowing you to reduce capital spending which frees up funding for other parts of the business. With leasing and our managed service, we take care of delivery, deployment, recovery, recycling, and management of devices while you replace large upfront costs with simple, predictable costs for the term of your lease across either 24 or 36 months.

And with leasing, if there are issues with phones, imei as your leasing provider is responsible for getting them resolved. When leasing mobile devices, you may be able to claim tax deductibility as an operating expense.


Talk to imei about the best way to order and pay for devices in your mobile refresh. We can help you determine whether leasing mobile technology or buying the devices upfront is the best fit for your business.

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