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Equipping your team with the latest tech and devices can be a little more budget-friendly at this time of year, courtesy of end-of-financial-year deals. However, many companies fail to take advantage of attractive deals on devices and plans because they lack the capacity to handle the tasks involved in a mobile fleet refresh.
If this is the case in your company, think about handing these tasks to a managed services provider. Over the years, imei has developed a strong reputation for managed mobility services. Our proprietary systems, processes, and training are proven to improve the way companies support mobile end-users and add depth to IT departments.


Mobile device provisioning and deployment 

imei’s managed mobility services encompass procurement, provisioning, support, and management of the mobile device ecosystem. Our services include device setup, carrier management, cost monitoring, cost optimisation, reporting, and more to help businesses save time and reduce costs by:

  • Streamlining device management
  • Enhancing mobile data security
  • Boosting team productivity, and 
  • Strengthening compliance. 

For example, for the steps involved in mobile device provisioning and deployment, we can configure your devices with the required settings, software, and permissions. This allows you to provide an exciting out-of-box startup experience for employees by making sure all passcodes and zero-trust access policies are in place beforehand. Part of our service involves enrolling your devices in the relevant mobile device management (MDM) environment, configuring the operating systems, security features, connectivity platforms, and applications to your business requirements.

And once the devices are all set up and ready for use, imei can handle all the logistics around shipping them to individual users, offices, or work sites as required.


Prepay phone upgrades now before the end of the financial year

As the end of the financial year is just weeks away, if you have unspent budget from this year, you may want to consider using that budget now to prepay for a mobile device upgrade later in the year. 

Remember, tax deductions can be claimed against the cost of digital products used in running your business. Even if the 3G shutdown isn’t compelling you to upgrade your fleet now, with the right devices and plans on offer, it could be the best time of year to upgrade your mobile fleet.

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