imei and Mitel: Resilience for when communication services cannot fail

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With wild weather continuing to wreak havoc on Australia’s communications infrastructure, enterprises need to mitigate risk by prioritising reliability and 99.9999% availability for when disaster strikes. In any company, the longer you go without access to your data and business systems, the greater the financial implications. That’s why a robust unified communication and collaboration solution that provides built-in redundancy and rich functionality is crucial to making business communications more efficient and resilient.

For some companies, a network failure and loss of enterprise communication systems is inconvenient. It’s frustrating and not great for productivity when you can’t get your work done or get in touch with the right people. But nobody dies. But when it comes to providers of critical services, it’s quite another story. Loss of communication systems can have devastating results for hospitals, police forces, first responders, banks, government agencies, mass transit operators, airports, and security operators. In these environments, communication services simply cannot be allowed to fail.


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Industry-leading redundancy and availability

For organisations that must maintain 100% availability, a gold-standard multi-tiered approach is critical to maximise reliability, minimise disruption, and provide backup options when business continuity is a matter of life or death. 

To underpin business continuity in these scenarios for our customers in banking, energy, health, and mass transit, imei partners with Mitel. This global market leader in business communications was founded nearly 50 years ago and delivers proven unified communications and contact centre solutions through MiVoice and OpenScape platforms. The company’s services portfolio includes solutions for business continuity and risk mitigation, dispatch and emergency communications, hospitality solutions, virtual care collaboration, beside terminal solutions, and alarming and alerting solutions.


Accredited and certified

As a Mitel gold partner, our managed services team participates in accredited professional training and certification on Mitel’s unified communication and collaboration solutions. This allows us to equip businesses with modern, intuitive, and reliable communication solutions that mitigate risk, facilitate proof of compliance for employer duty of care, and enable monitoring and proactive maintenance. And in doing so, we help companies avoid critical failures and reduce employee risk. 

To learn more about how imei’s managed services for Mitel’s solutions can help you support business continuity and enable your frontline workers to deliver exceptional service, stay connected to their co-workers, and make informed decisions when it matters most, please get in touch.


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