Businesses are spending 15% of telecoms expenses on inactive devices

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What would you say if we told you your business is probably wasting upwards of 15% of its telecoms spending on inactive devices? Or your company’s mobile phone usage is putting your business at risk? That’s what we’re finding from the mid-sized organisations we’ve reviewed as part of our Fast Start program.

This isn’t isolated to any particular industry, we’re finding spending oversight and security gaps are common across businesses in education, healthcare, retail, construction, and manufacturing.

In organisations with a mobile telecoms spend close to $200,000 – that’s $30,000 that could be better employed!


imei Fast Start program

Our Fast Start telecoms audit team are responsible for working through an organisation’s communications environment. It’s their job to identify any irregularities and cost saving opportunities and improve communication management and security.


So, how did managing mobiles get so complicated?

The reason for this massive oversight is a result of how fast most organisations are moving to a mobile-first world where managing devices, usage, IP, and security is far more challenging than it used to be.


Enterprise mobility is more complex than ever

As organisations like yours make use of mobile devices to optimise processes, streamline workflows and increase workforce productivity, managing this extensive and ever-expanding use of mobile devices is becoming a considerable burden for modern enterprises. Yet, it’s a critical component of the day-to-day operations of many businesses. 

Enabling employees to access corporate systems from anywhere, at any time has considerable upsides, but it does create significant security headaches.

Every mobile device connected to your business systems is potentially vulnerable to attack, exposing company and employee data. Multiplied by the number of smartphones, tablets and laptops employees use on a daily basis, and you can see why it’s critical to secure your devices, know where they are, and who has access to them. 


imei Fast Start Program


Considerable IT burden for modern enterprises

In today’s workplaces, your people are using mobile devices for work-related activities in the office, on site, in store, out in the field, and on the road, as well as at home. In addition, as 5G becomes established and commonplace, the number of devices your people are using will skyrocket. Already this growth in mobile adoption and usage requires businesses to think strategically about enterprise mobility management. And a simple first step is to get started with the imei Fast Start program.


Get started with the imei Fast Start program

With our Fast Start program, we audit your mobile fleet to identify inactive devices, uncover security risks – and help your organisation save money.

Our Fast Start team is responsible for auditing your telecoms environment using your Telstra “Blitz file” as the key data source, and running analytics algorithms to produce insights on usage, costs and trends.

It’s their job to identify any irregularities and cost saving opportunities, giving you an actionable, summarised overview of your organisation’s mobile device fleet with insights and recommendations for cost savings. We also identify security risk areas for potential information loss. The imei Fast Start report includes:

  • Account level summary (amount of services on each plan, data inclusions, average usage)
  • Service level summary
  • Shared data usage vs allowance
  • Service status within the fleet
  • Number of devices
  • Top 10 users (average bill and average data usage)
  • International roaming breakdown
  • IDD breakdown (or IR/IDD report)


Start the Fast Start program

If you want our communication budget specialists to audit your telecoms environment to help you optimise telecoms management and security, fill in your details and we’ll get back to you.


imei Fast Start Program

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