How to ease comms technology pain points in one smart move

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Enterprise mobility is a vital component of any successful business, underpinning how employees, customers, and suppliers connect, collaborate, and operate in a digital world. But the benefits of greater flexibility, mobility, efficiency, and productivity can come with ever-escalating costs. This is an increasingly sensitive pain point for technology and finance leaders who must find new ways to adopt new technology while reducing CapEx spending.

In an era of rapid advancements in 5G, artificial intelligence, and mobile solutions, leaders know that strategically maximising the use of these innovative technologies is essential to staying ahead. To ride the crest of the business network management and enterprise mobility wave, leading companies are adopting a continual upgrade philosophy with a cloud-first and mobile-everything ethos. This modern business strategy is designed to help companies stay in step with the rapid evolution of comms technology. 

Whereas costly, upfront investments in hardware such as servers, switches, and PBX technology were essential and deemed capital expenditure, in today’s world, everything-as-a-service models in the cloud offer a different way. With flexible IT infrastructure that can expand or contract with your needs, as it can be delivered as a service, it’s accounted for as operating expense. 


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Reducing capex spending

Expert management and administration of your business networking comms technology is also essential to reducing costs. Partnering with a managed services provider like imei can help you minimise costs such as data security noncompliance penalties, redundant IT purchases and compatibility issues, as well as cyber-attack remediation activities, and associated downtime costs. 

Working with imei to manage enterprise mobility and networking communications infrastructure can also help you reduce internal IT support costs. With highly trained and certified professionals with significant technical expertise and industry vertical experience to manage your increasingly complex systems, you can enable your team members to focus on core business operations. Other benefits include: 

  • Risk minimisation by heightening data compliance and mitigating corporate data breaches
  • TCO reduction through predictable monthly operating costs
  • Expert guidance and support to accelerate your adoption of new technology for innovation and future growth. 

From reduced CapEx spending to enhanced security, using managed services makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to reducing network and mobile communication operational costs. With more affordable options open to all businesses, there are more opportunities to adopt a continual upgrade philosophy and run your business using modern and advanced technologies. And moving technology investments to OpEx, means you don’t have to find a large bucket of money upfront to fund it. This also frees up cash for investments and other projects that drive revenue and growth. 


Saving time and reducing costs 

Equipment that once required dedicated real estate, skilled internal employees, and countless hours of labour can now be fulfilled remotely thanks to the cloud or by expert services providers that can handle it all for you as a managed service.

For companies wanting to avoid the capital investment needed to acquire and build mobile communications and network management infrastructure, as-a-service offerings deliver a more budget friendly approach. This way also eliminates the need to ramp up capacity in the IT department when IT professionals continue to be so hard to find.  

If you’re looking to reduce CapEx spending on business network management and comms technology, talk to the team at imei to learn more. Shifting to as-a-service offerings not only helps in better budgeting but also helps you keep pace with the latest technology without the hefty price tag of constantly upgrading systems. 

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