Securing Your Network: The Role of Managed Network Services

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An efficiently designed and managed network service keeps your business running smoothly and employees connected across multiple work locations. Standardising your network can help with understanding network traffic patterns, managing security, ensuring access to Wi-Fi and data for employees, and monitoring for faults and issues.

Keeping employees connected is increasingly important in today’s highly technological workspace. When companies are faced with slow networks, poor Wi-Fi connections or security breaches, this can significantly reduce productivity and cause ongoing issues within the company. Gaining more control over your network can take the stress out of IT issues, plus it enables time and resources to be devoted elsewhere in the business. 


Components of Network Security 

A high performing managed network is integral to maximising efficiency in the workplace and keeping people connected. An important component of network security is firewall configurations, which protect your company’s data and assets from cyber-attacks by monitoring network traffic whilst allowing or blocking traffic and threats. Certain necessary actions keep firewalls secure, such as regular monitoring, utilising standard authentication methods and narrow approval policies. These are all key to protecting your network. 

Similarly, an intrusion detection system monitors and detects suspicious activity on your network and can be either host-based or network-based, depending on whether users seek protection for one machine or across a network. An intrusion detection system safeguards sensitive data by generating alerts, enabling analysers or responders to investigate incidents. Firewalls actively block threats rather than just creating alerts, but both components of network security are effective in helping to protect your network.


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Why Do You Need to Safeguard Data?

Why is safeguarding your network important? Companies retain confidential information that may include personal client or staff information, company details and other data, all of which needs to be protected to prevent misuse by third parties. Banking details and contact information needs to be protected to prevent fraudulent behaviour such as identity theft and phishing. Data breaches and the disclosure of confidential information could result in harm following the release of information that is not intended for public use.

Implementing a proactive threat monitoring system, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems, is therefore vital to the effective protection of your network and business data. Managed network services are practical, cost-effective, thorough preventative measures that reduce the likelihood of data breaches and keep your people connected safely. 


imei and Network Management

The imei team offers a high-performing managed network. With a team of engineers to analyse usage, design efficient architectures and deploy reliable managed networks, we create a cost effective and secure network.

Our offerings include a reliable wired and wireless network, proactive monitoring of traffic and network faults, fast and unlimited internet to maximise workplace productivity, and optimised mobile plans. Managed network services are highly beneficial, contributing to the efficient operation of your business. Keeping employees connected with efficient internet access, safeguarded data and traffic monitoring all contribute to better workplace operations.

If you would like to implement imei’s high-performance managed network across your team, contact us.


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