Are Your People Just A Tap Or Two Away From Connecting?

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In the wake of the global pandemic, flexible working has become a cornerstone of the modern workplace. Long considered a nice-to-have workplace perk, in a very short space of time, WFH flexibility switched to an absolute necessity for most knowledge workers.

According to a KPMG Survey, Shifts in Market Signals Due to COVID-19, conducted in July 2020, the top three company offerings stemming from the pandemic were increased flexibility (41%), option to work remotely (39%), and more frequent communication (34%).

To underpin flexibility, you need collaboration and communication tools that ensure your people are never more than a tap or two away from connecting to other colleagues, clients, systems, data, and applications. Serving this need,

UCaaS (or unified communications as a service) brings together all communications and collaboration software on one convenient platform in the cloud. The technology allows your people to work wherever they are and supports robust communication and collaboration tools on whatever device they choose, over the secure communication channel they prefer.


Providing access to essential communication tools from one location

So, rather than having a patchwork of mobile, data, collaboration, voice, video, messaging, and social technologies creating a landscape of poorly integrated applications and tools, UCaaS brings all the essential communication tools together. The technology allows employees to take and place phone calls, conduct video conferences, access instant messaging and presence apps, share screens, and access other internal communication systems all from a central location.


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Simplifying complex communication environments with UCaaS

Adopting the as-a-service model, UCaaS also reduces the costs involved with the licensing and management of an on-premises system which is an attractive option for companies with limited internal IT resources and a distributed network. Instead, you pay a monthly fee for the software and cloud infrastructure with the cloud provider responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and monitoring of the communications infrastructure.

The technology effectively allows your people to communicate and collaborate with each other in the same way they do when they’re face to face in the office, regardless of their location and the devices they use.


Shore up workplace flexibility with UCaaS

imei’s UCaaS managed services model delivers cost savings, efficiency, and productivity enhancements through a combination of technology integration, managed services, and exceptional customer service.

We enable your team to work from just about anywhere, while your communications network is expertly maintained by our professional team. This helps ensure you have access to the latest communications technologies, and we scale the number of features up or down based on your current business needs. We also take responsibility for security, ensuring your data is protected and security patches are implemented without delay.

For many organisations UCaaS is the breakthrough needed to fully embrace flexibility and remote work. To explore the technology in detail, talk to one of our experts. Our professional services team can help you get your implementation right from the get-go, helping to maximise success while freeing up your IT resources to focus on other priorities.

With our proven track record in both mobile management and unified communications, we can help you take advantage of nimble communications and collaboration tools to deliver flexible working as a cornerstone of your modern workplace.


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