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Rewind the clock just a few short years and the office desk phone was an essential part of the work communication experience. Before mobile phones were commonplace and when making calls on them was expensive, the office desk phone was the primary way to talk with colleagues and clients.

Fast forward to today’s work environment and there is a plethora of communication options for your people use to ease collaboration with customers and co-workers. The traditional desk phone system isn’t dead, but it has certainly evolved. In so many work environments, where the office phone has taken on a virtual form, it is still performing an essential role for the business. 


Operator Connect service for Microsoft Teams 

As part of a modern digital workspace, the Operator Connect service for Microsoft Teams with Telstra turn Teams into a business phone system. It offers a simplified approach for businesses looking to integrate PSTN-enabled calling with the Microsoft Teams experience. With it, you can wave goodbye to managing and maintaining an onsite or cloud-based PBX system, as Operator Connect service for Microsoft Teams with Telstra provides a way to connect voice services directly into Microsoft Teams. Streamlining calling for users through a modern unified collaboration experience, it allows employees to access their telephony settings and requirements from within Teams, minimising the need for complex technology landscapes. Other benefits including helping:

  • Ready your business for the future with dynamic scalability and flexibility
  • Simplify effort and resources required to configure voice for Teams
  • Reduce hardware spending with minimal hardware needs 
  • Minimise maintenance requirements.


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A modern business phone system

As your organisation’s primary phone system, complete with a dedicated phone number and familiar phone settings, Operator Connect enables your people to make calls to landlines and mobiles straight from Microsoft Teams. It means your people can stay connected wherever they are, while your company gains a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage all your calls and communications in one place. The service allows companies to speed up and simplify the provision of telephony services and reduce deployment time while enhancing voice call quality through the use of private network infrastructure. You can also provision and manage business telephone numbers.


Real-time communications and collaboration

In terms of what this looks like in the real world, with this service your people are assigned a unique business number and can take advantage of real-time engagement with their customers and co-workers wherever they are from within a single Teams environment. So, imagine your distributed sales executives for example, they can share files, host meetings, and make calls to landlines and mobile phones all from within the Microsoft Teams environment. At the same time, customers can call them directly using their unique business number that works across all their devices. There’s no need for your people to remember multiple passwords and login protocols or give out personal phone numbers. All this adds up to drive enhanced productivity and customer engagement.

In addition, by adopting the Operator Connect service for Microsoft Teams with Telstra, 5% of your company’s monthly subscriptions are banked into a fund you can use to purchase devices.  


Streamlined communications

If you’re ready to find out more about the cost-effective way to manage all your calls and communications in one place through the Operator Connect service for Microsoft Teams with Telstra come and talk to the professionals at imei. We can help you migrate users across using a staggered approach in a schedule that works for your company. In this way, if you need to, you can port numbers from your existing providers and keep providing services to your existing PBX while transitioning users to Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect and Telstra. 

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