Flex for Changing Needs with Adaptive Network Connectivity

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In an increasingly digital and remote work world where you need to keep your staff securely connected wherever they are, slow speeds, variable internet connectivity, and suboptimal network security can stymie productivity and business success. Having to deal with slow network speeds and downtime can also sow the seeds of employee frustration, leading to low morale and ultimately higher staff turnover and less than ideal customer experiences.

As any business grows and expands, it’s essential the network infrastructure underlying connectivity grows with it. Since managing a traditional network infrastructure is time consuming to maintain, and costly to upgrade, it’s time to find another way.


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Secure network connectivity primed for change

A more nuanced approach to providing secure network connectivity that supports changing business needs calls for a dynamic network. Meeting this challenge, Telstra’s Adaptive Network capabilities offer a simpler way of managing a dynamic network to support changing business needs. Flexible, scalable, and with no lock-in contracts, Adaptive Networks provide a secure and holistic connectivity and networking solution.

Encompassing fibre, SD-WAN, and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technologies, Adaptive Networks span 4G/5G wireless access, managed data networks, and network solutions providers Cisco, VMWare and NBN Co. Delivered as a managed service from certified providers like imei, Adaptive Network solutions come with advanced firewall protection, and data encryption security features as well as intrusion detection and to protect against cyber threats.

With an Adaptive Network, you get a choice of network and connectivity options with flexible month-to-month terms:

Flexibility of Adaptive Networks

The optionality inherent in Adaptive Networks means you get fast, flexible, and secure connectivity with the option of connecting via fixed, wireless, and cloud when you need it.


Scalability of Adaptive Networks 

Catering to the dynamic requirements of growing businesses, you can scale connectivity up or down and move bandwidth between services depending on your business needs. This allows you to add new locations and expand your operations without worrying about network limitations.


No lock-in contracts

With month-by-month commercial terms instead of standard multi-year contracts, you’re better able to do what’s right for the business exactly when it’s needed. You can add, reduce, or even cancel services without termination penalties.


To learn more about leveraging Telstra Adaptive Networks with an imei managed service, get in touch with the managed services team at imei. 

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